You by My Side

Kylo Ren & Rey are locked in battle, but something happens that could change everything....


1. Missing.


No, I am not the most keen Star Wars fan in the galaxy, but, I know some stuff, so apologies for any corrections. Just tell me my mistake : eg, Misspelling a name, etc...

Your support would be very much appreciated !




Kylo Ren:

I circle around her,my eyes always locked on hers. They shine with  anguish and determination as Rey struggles to invade my mind, but I hold her off ; Too many unseen memories lurk with me, ones that I will never let her reveal. 

With a bang, the doors of the interrogation room slam aside as a bunch of a dozen Stormtroopers march in, bearing both my parents, Finn, Poe, a resistance pilot named Joshua Trentwell, who was once one of my best friends, and a very disgruntled Chewbacca, whilst three familiar-looking droids are herded in front of the party like lost sheep. As I break concentration for a second, I feel my defences being lowered and, for the first time in six long and lonely years, someone invades my mind. Not for long: Just as Rey is about to unearth things that I have hidden from everyone for years, my mind closes and she is thrown backwards in my chair. That was humiliating. 

But however embarrassing I found the experience, it was nothing to learning the knowledge that, for future reference, Rey can break deeper into my mind than even uncle Luke - That great buffoon of a man. How stupid he is to always underestimate his opponents, to always think that great and beautiful LOVE could always prevent his family from hurting him, to run away from a crises and have the CHEEK to be all CLEVER about it!  -  Just like the way my father could, abandoning the ones he loves for his own personal convenience. Except, he didn't do that with his O' great and beloved companion, Chewbacca! The hurt starts to curdle when I realise that they have probably replaced me with "Good, angelic, world-saving, obedient, kind, selfless, fierce, orphaned,  ABANDONED little Rey, the complete opposite of naughty, evil, rebellious,murdering, monstrous me.

Sudden fear breaks out like a fever when I see that everyone is staring at me and Rey looks like she could murder me. Not so angelic then... But it's no joke: I am really scared of both her and yelling and being assassinated and all of them at the same time....  I allow myself a small shudder at the thought. I already have nightmares! I can tell that she's seen something privet... Just what is it....?

The terror still lodged in place, I start to wish that I could be a million light years away from here at this moment in time. Snapping nastily at my parents, Chewy, R2D2, BB-8 and C3PO to wait in the next room, whilst, Finn, Poe and Joshua are questioned, tortured and while I deal with Rey to find out what it is that she now knows.

"So," Before I can even register what I am about to say, I hear myself speak. "Three traitors and one girl who is going to be watching her mouth from now on when I'm done with her." My eyes rake their faces before I plunge on. Turning to Rey and raising one black-gloved hand to force her out of the chair she has been sitting in. She tries and fails to 

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