Pain sorrow and happy endings

The story of a young and naive girl falling for the wrong boy (heartbreak competition)


1. chapter 1- I met him

Pain it hurt but it can't drag me down I'll tell you how I got here....

It was a cold winters day the trees and no leaves and the grass was no where to be found it, was snowing and that's when I met him, the and only Billy O'meara he had blonde hair and he wears it in a quiff, he has blue eyes like me, and he loves so many things I do but that's another story "hey, Wolf right?" He said "um yeah that's me" I said. We became friends over a week and then he was feeling lucky I think "wolf?" He asked "yeah?" I replied "would you do the honours of being the person I call mine?" He asked. I was stunned he asked me! "Umm sure I'd love to, but why did you pick me when you have the whole ocean why me?" I replied curious "um I guess I've always classed you as the perfect daddy's little girl but now I know you better I like you.... a lot" he said I giggle a little "aww your giggle is cute" he said like 3yr old I want to tell him that I can change my form I'm a shape shifter and I want him to know but what if he won't like me? I'll work it out later but for now I've got to concentrate on not saying anything stupid *skip a month* we've been dating for a month I've told him my secret he was cool with it and he's the same as my kind well I've told him how I got my name wolf

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