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Somewhere out there is a person of interest. Someone who doesn’t mind my craziness sometimes. He’s out there looking for that special person who’ll enter his life, show him a time where you can have fun. And maybe find more than just a little romance in between. But I’m not just someone who wants to find the opposite sex. I’ve got quite a history of having feelings for the girls in my class. Now, I’m still curious on whether I want someone like Charlotte in my life. It’s not that guys are hard to deal with in relationships, I just like, I can’t explain it.

I’ve swiped left so many times, and all I’ve found are some guys showing their muscular bodies. I’m seeing abs, I’m seeing a whole lot of skin. No wonder I’m staying up so late, it’s because I can’t get these pictures out my mind. They just stick, and after swiping through several girls. It only takes a few seconds to see that they’re not interested in women. They’re straight, and they don’t all have similar interests. I’m seeing fans of anime, fans of horror, but not a single girl within the hour who wants to meet another female.

I swear I’m not looking in the right place. This might not even be the right website for me, I downloaded the app as my connection seems more stable on my phone. Odd, I could’ve sworn we paid for the upgrade. Oh, well, I guess I just got to live with what I’ve been given. After several more swipes I came across a guy who’s holding several trophies, but only three images applied with filters? Ugh, I don’t think I like the sound of this one. Enjoys going out with girls for good times? Um, I mean that’s all very well and good, but I’m not sure whether he’s a Hit or a Miss.

After reading more of his profile it became more obvious to me that this guy was just looking for more than one girl. Turns out that he wants to meet up with several, and then have more than just one night with them being with him. Looking into it with more detail; I didn’t like what I found out about him. It was just a whole lot of false information that looks copy + pasted. Whether he was trying to find someone who was interested in one night stands, I wasn’t sure on what he actually wanted.

Curiosity got the better of me as I sent him a message: Hey, I’m Jade, I would give you a nickname but nobody has given me one. Sorry, I just wanted to start this conversation with a little honesty? Something that you may or not be capable of? Yeah, I’d like to meet with you. Um, sure…

After having a good night’s sleep, I came across a reply that he had sent to me an hour before I closed my eyes. Weird, I didn’t hear any notification sounds. Turns out that my connection had died without me even noticing, explains my weird dreams. By the time I was up I went to check on the app. Found out more than what I may have wanted to know about him. Turns out he’s interested in sports, loves kissing, enjoys cuddling, and has several dogs that he loves and adores.

Sounds great, not a single mention of the word ‘sex’ and I really thought bad about this guy? I must be a judgemental bitch, just thinking he wanted that. I mean his profile sure seemed like someone who just wanted to use women for his own pleasures. But now it’s looking more like he wants to be honest, and he’s not interested in just a one night stand. Should I really take this further? I could just ignore him, and eventually I’m sure he’ll get the message.

I don’t know what to do.

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