What if it Was Neville...

you guys know that Neville could have been the one talked about in the prophecy in the Harry Potter series. Well in this book Voldemort is going to go after Neville Longbottom and Harry Potter turning them both into great heroes. (sorry i am not very good at descriptions so this is all i got)


5. the Hogwarts express

   Hagrid caught them up to speed. they were on the train sitting in a cart with no one but them selves. they were in aw what they have learned they couldn't wait to get to Hogwarts! 

   "uh could i sit with you?" a Gingered hair boy asked. he looked like he was in his first year too. his clothes are all wrinkly and his books were damaged and he had dirt on his nose. 

 "ya." Harry and Neville said at the same time. they laughed, the boy awkwardly starred at them... they stopped

 "Don't worry i know another pair of twins too, they are actually my brothers."

  "ya sure we are twins," harry said

  "we will go with that." Neville added

   "oh you aren't twins?"

  "we didn't say that, my name is Harry by the way."

   " and i am Neville."

   "i am Ron."

   they sat in ackward silence. 

  then a bushy brown haired girl  entered the cart. "can i sit with you guys?"

  "sure," they all said at the same time, they looked at each other, they laughed, the girl starred, this time they didn't care they kept on laughing.

 "just get used to it." Neville said.

 "my name is Herimone."

 "my name is Ron."

  "that is an- um, lets see how would i put this a nice way, interesting name."

  "well it is actually Ronald."

  "and it just got worse."  she said. 

  "that's what we thought." two boys entered the cart, they looked the exact same. "ah, stupid named boy we have been looking for you every where!" Ron just blushed.

  then another girl came in. 

  "busy day today." Harry said.

  "Fred! i have been looking everywhere! and um George ya you too." 

  "oh gee thanks feeling the love here." George said 

   " wait, who are all of you?" Neville asked

   "i am Fred."

    "i am George."

    "i'm Amanda." 

     "i'm confused" Neville said.

     "hi confused, nice to meet you," Fred, George, and Amanda said at the same time, they looked at each other, they laughed. Neville and Harry looked at each other, they laughed. Ron and Hermione felt left out...they felt sorry for themselves. 


((so kind of a funny goofy chapter. i hope you liked!! btw Amanda is a made up charector that my friend made. Amanda likes Fred and Fred likes Amanda but they dont know that the other person likes them (but everyone else can obliviously  tell) please comment!))



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