What if it Was Neville...

you guys know that Neville could have been the one talked about in the prophecy in the Harry Potter series. Well in this book Voldemort is going to go after Neville Longbottom and Harry Potter turning them both into great heroes. (sorry i am not very good at descriptions so this is all i got)


7. potions

Draco Malfoy's P.O.V.

Potions, with Snape! my dad said that Snape is a death eater but that he is undercover for Dumbledore so that i can't tell anyone. Crabbe and Goyle know but there parents are death eaters too. i have only seen Snape a tiny bit but because i already know him i will pass his class easily. oh by the way i am in Slytherin. best house to be in. 

   it is the first day of classes and Potions is first. but sadly we share classes with Gryffindor, the worst house!

  "hello, class" Snape said.  "open your books to page three." 

   Neville raised his hand 


  "why aren't we staring at page one?"

  "do as i say, Longbottom."

   "yes sir,"

    i laughed and opened my book. we weren't making a potion today just learning about different ones, but he said that tomorrow we will make a potion! he gave us a piece of paper with questions on it and he said the answers are on page three. 

"ugh!" Harry yelled "i found every answer except this one it isn't in the book!" 

" having trouble Potter?" i asked 

" i cant find this answer i found every other answer except this one!" 

"i already got mine done!" i said proudly

"well then can you help me?"

"and why would i do that?'

"cause you said you got yours done."



"hmm, potter isn't doing so well" i laughed

"clearly fame isn't everything." Professor Snape said. "Everyone you have a ten page essay do this Wednesday."

"This Wednesday!" a student protested "that is in two days!"

"Detention! for talking back to a teacher!" Snape yelled "you have one less night to do it know! Class dismissed!" He opened the door and motioned for everyone to get out.

"Potter if you need help with that essay i hope you know i am not here to help you!"

"what did he ever do to you?"Neville yelled.

"Hmm" i walked away Potter and his stupid little friends were useless. 

((hope you liked the chapter!! comment!))



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