What if it Was Neville...

you guys know that Neville could have been the one talked about in the prophecy in the Harry Potter series. Well in this book Voldemort is going to go after Neville Longbottom and Harry Potter turning them both into great heroes. (sorry i am not very good at descriptions so this is all i got)


4. Hagrid

 "and what business do you have with them?"

  " Business? i 'ame to 'ake um to Hogwar's."


   "ugh muggles! wais's of are 'ime. not 'hat i anything agains' you ma'am bu' it is jus' hard to explain Hogwar's to you muggles!"

   "what are you ranting on about!?!"

   "'arry and Neville will you please jus' come forwar'?"

    they both Nervously stepped forward. 

   "that's  us!" they said at the same time, they looked at each other and then laughed. the big man just stared at them, they immedently  stopped laughing. 

  "sorry sir, but what is Hogwarts?" Harry asked.

  "wow, this is one big prank." Neville said. 

  "pran' this isnt' a pran'!"  the man yelled confused why someone thought it would be a prank.

  "my name is Hagrid. i work at Hogwar's. 

  "but what is it sir?" Harry asked again.

 " a school." Hagrid replied "For witchcraft and wizardry."

 "i am still confused." Neville said. 

 "you are a wizard Neville, you are a wizard Harry."

"you're a hairy wizard" they said a the same time, they both laughed, Hagrid starred, they stopped. 

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