What if it Was Neville...

you guys know that Neville could have been the one talked about in the prophecy in the Harry Potter series. Well in this book Voldemort is going to go after Neville Longbottom and Harry Potter turning them both into great heroes. (sorry i am not very good at descriptions so this is all i got)


8. a secret admirer

 Neville's P.O.V.

 I saw a note on my bed addressed to me it read,

                    Dear Neville, 

you are the bravest man i have ever seen, the way you stood up to Draco was amazing! i live by him and have for years he is just a big fat bully and his friends are just stupid!! Thanks for standing up to him even though it wasn't for me! you have been a hero for years! how did you ever overcome the Dark Lord's spell? anyways thanks for being who you are!

-your secret admirer  


"Umm Harry?" I called

"ya," he said coming in to the boys dormitory.  

"Look at this." I handed it to Harry and he read it out-loud. i was embarrassed and blushed.  

"oh ya like I didn't overcome his spell! i also defeated him! he is dead because of me!"

"is some one jealous?" i taunted 

"um, no." 

"sure." i stared walking into the common room and a cute girl with freckles and straight brown hair was standing right outside the boys dormitory. harry followed me out.

"i am not-"

"hi she said." she started to laugh "my name is, Julia." 

"i am-"

"Neville i know" she just stared at me.

"i am Harry Potter."


"my name it is Harry Potter."

"oh ya sure, i am Julia."

"ya you just said that." Harry said annoyed.

"Definitely jealous." i whispered to Harry. 

"would you like to sit with me at Dinner Neville? i will be going down in about twenty minutes."

"Ya sure."

"Bye!" she walked away and i just stared.

"Uh Neville, you alive?"

''oh hi Harry,''

''hmm, i think you should go get ready for your date."

"uh ya, wait date?"

"she just asked you out."


"yup." Harry walked away laughing.


(at dinner)

"hey, Neville! over here!"

"oh hi Julia!"

"i saved you a spot here."

"oh thanks."

"how do you like Hogwarts so far?" Julia asked

"It is fun, but hard, kids already no lots of stuff that i don't so i am a little behind. i didn't know anything about magic till September first."

"oh, my mom is a witch but my dad is a muggle. so i know some what.''

"oh my parents were both magical at least i have been told,"

"ya i know."

"you do?"

"you are kind of famous." 

"oh ya I forgot, today i found a love letter on my bed it was really weird and awkward."

"oh," she seemed sad i don't know why. "if you could excuse me i have to go to the bathroom."

"okay," i said and picked up a chicken leg and started eating.

she didn't come back. i don't know why. 

((hey guys i hope you like!! the next chapter is going to be from Julius's point of view! i hope you like me doing the different P.O.V.'s comment and let me know what you think!)) 


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