What if it Was Neville...

you guys know that Neville could have been the one talked about in the prophecy in the Harry Potter series. Well in this book Voldemort is going to go after Neville Longbottom and Harry Potter turning them both into great heroes. (sorry i am not very good at descriptions so this is all i got)


11. a pain

Harry's P.O.V.

i was studying in the common room when Julia came up, "you can tell Neville that i never want to see him again!"

"why don't you tell him?" i asked

"because i never want to see him again!"

"i'm not telling him that!"

"fine then punch him!"


"boys! they are useless!" she said and stomped away into the girls dormitory. 

"what is up with her?" i asked myself.

Neville came into the common room pouting "i hate Julia!"


"she is annoying and rude!"

"this is why i was never jealous"

"yes you were!"

"no i wasn't"

"what ever! i am going to dinner."

"i will come with." i put my books away and went to the great hall with Neville. i saw Hermione over at the Ravenclaw table.  and Ron was over taking to her.

"why is Ron at the Ravenclaw table?" i asked

"i don't know."

"bye!" i heard Ron say and he walked over. "hey guys."

"hi." Neville said grumpily. 

"what is up with him?"

"girl problems."

"oh" Ron looked down at the table "FOOD!!!" he began stuffing his face. "this s re- g-d" he said with food in his mouth. 

"ew gross!" i said.

"what?" he continued to talk with food in his mouth. 



"just close your mouth!"


everyone seemed so mad and grumpy today. i just looked down at my food and kept eating. 

(the next day)

defense against the dark arts, or DADA was next. it was the first time for me going to this class. i had no idea who the teacher was. when i walked into to class everyone was out of there seats and there was no teacher present. then Malfoy walked up to me.

"Hello potter, are you all alone?" Malfoy taunted. 

"why do you care!?"

"i don't  come on, Crabbe, Goyle."

i hate all of them they are so stupid.  after a couple of minutes a tall man walked into the room. he had a purple turban on his head and he wore brown robs. 

"s-s-sorry i am l-l-at-t-te" he said. i wonder why he kept studdering? "c-c-ould eve-er-b-b-body s-s-it d-down."

the whole class sat down. he looked at me and then turned around to get something. my whole body felt pain. i looked over to the back of the room and saw Neville i could tell he started to feel pain to."

"Proffesor?" i asked.


"can i go to the bathroom?"

"yes-s yes-s." 

i as soon as i got out of the room i felt better but i still had a slight headache. i heard footsteps and i saw Neville chasing after me. "WAIT HARRY!!" 

"oh, hey Neville."

"did  you feel that?"

"ya, ya i did."

"i don't think i am going to like DADA."

"what was it?"

Neville just shrugged. "i Don't think any one else felt it."

"ya weird. but we should Probably get back to class."


we walked into class and the teacher was right there but turned around. i bonked into the back if his head. my head really hurt everything started to spin and then i blacked out...

((by the way Harry and Neville do not have the scar.))



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