Acne-It’s genetic

Retin a cream is a best anti aging and anti acne cream, used for wrinkles, pores and skin infection. It is combo of tretinion and vitamin A which help to give you healthier skin


1. Acne can be genetic


Unfortunately, studies show that acne can be genetic. If your parents suffered from acne when they were teenagers then it’s quite likely that you will develop it, too. If at least one of your parents had acne when they were young, you are more likely to develop the condition when you are young. If both of your parents had acne however, it is equally likely that you will develop adult acne. For some people, it’s just a matter of luck, and you won’t have much control over the condition.

Natural testosterone

Testosterone is the male hormone that is found in smaller quantities in the female body, too. This hormone is essential for reproduction and growth, and it’s recently been found that it could be one of the reasons why acne is so persistent.

Testosterone is produced in larger quantities during puberty, and helps improve muscle and bone strength for males and females alike. The glands in the skin, known as sebaceous glands, are particularly sensitive to hormone, and so during puberty can become susceptible to acne and similar problems. The glands will produce more sebum and when the pores become blocked, the sebum builds up and causes further sores. So if you’re wondering why no matter how clean you might be, you are still getting spots, then testosterone is quite likely the reason.

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