Bloom Wilder has been very lucky to get backstage passes to Kyle Casters and his bands concert in Miami, Florida. What she doesn't know is that she already met him by accident. One of the most unexpected ways she met him was at school. She needed a ride, and he happened to be passing by. No one knew who he was, or who his band mates Dylan Samuels, Leo Brooks, and Sean Bell were. Bloom didn't even know who they were, and wasn't involved in the gossip of celebrities her siblings Chloe and Michelle payed attention to. Once Bloom's best friend Valeria finds out she has passes to the concert, she begs Bloom to take her to it. What'll happen? You'll have to read to find out...


1. The beginning


At first, I didn't know who Kyle Casters was. Hell, I didn't even know what the heck 'Starlight' was or why everyone my age was obsessed with them. My sisters Chloe and Michelle are into all the celeb drama, especially celeb boy drama. At the time, I didn't know it was the famous band 'Starlight' that picked me up from Valley High on a sunny Friday afternoon. My car was in the shop and my sisters left me at school. I really had no other options. So when I saw a big, black car drive my way, what did I do? I waved my hands like a crazy person and hoped the car would see me. Thankfully, it did.

Once it stopped in my direction and a person opened the car doors for me, I was extremely thankful I was able to hitch a ride from complete strangers. As soon as I got in the car, the voices of boys talking flooded my ears. "Ky, she doesn't even have a clue as to who we are. This is great." I didn't know who the voice belonged to at the time, but clearly the rest of the world did. "Hey, what's your name?" The same voice asked me.

"Bloom Wilder." My simple response was enough for the four boys sitting beside me. They offered to take me for an afternoon snack, or what I called my dinner. As soon as we stepped into Salad Garden, the boys ran for a table, and got one with five chairs. Great. Me at a table with five hormonal teenage guys. And I have no clue who they are! As soon as we sit down, I rise from the table to order my meal. As does one of the boys.

"I'm Sean." He tells me. "I'm usually the one who orders the meals since I'm the best at remembering things. I nod in response. I can tell Sean's trying to be friendly, but with my sister's leaving me at school from getting a ride with these guys, I'm really not in the mood to talk. "What're you ordering?" He asks. I point to a meal labelled 'Surprise' on the menu. It basically means I'm customizing my own salad. 

"What about you?" I can tell I catch him by surprise. He shows me what he's ordering, and then I remember he has to order for three other guys! If I had to do that and get all the orders right, lets just say I wouldn't be able to do it. Sean, on the other hand, was able to order within the span of three minutes. Like, what?

Once I finished ordering, we sat down at the table to wait to receive our food. As soon as the food came, the boys dug right into their meals, seeming to forget I was with them. One of the boys, the one claimed to be called Ky, looked up at me and immediately dropped his food onto his plate. "Sorry." He said. "Me and the guys were starving! We always have long days, and we never have the time to go out and eat a decent meal." I understand and begin to eat my salad as the boys dig into their meals once again. 

By the end of the night, I know all of the boys names. Kyle, Sean, Dylan, and Leo. All four are really nice, but I made them take me home. Even though I didn't want to see my sisters at the moment, I knew they for sure would be worried about me. "Bye guys!" I say, hugging each of the boys. Before I go, Kyle hands me four passes to a concert where 'Starlight' will be playing. "V.I.P access..." I read aloud. "Why did you guys give me six?" 

Dylan barges in, "One for you and the other five for anyone you wish to invite." He waves and smiles at me as I leave the black car, taking my backpack and dance bag with me. 

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