Kidnapped (A Louis Tomlinson story)

I always wanted to meet One Direction, but I never expected to meet them this way


35. What happened?

Yay!! I finally have an update for you guys. I hope you like it and I plan on updating more in the future because I finally got rid of my writer's block...for now. Anyway thanks for all you guys for your patience with me. 

Louis's POV

Jay was awake! Oh no, how much did she hear? I heard a small knock on the door and looked at Harry. He looked at me and smiled with a look of sympathy.

"come in," I whispered loudly. After all there were people still asleep. The door slowly opened and Jaylyn walked in. She had tears in her eyes. I looked at Harry and and started to stand up. "Jay?" I looked at her. "Are...are you okay?" I glanced at Harry who had concern written on his face.

Jaylyn smiled slightly and nodded. "Ya, I..I just couldn't sleep." She whispered barely audible. I looked at her. She looked tired and about ready to fall asleep. "I wanted to ask you something Louis. Can I talk to you alone?" She looked at me then at Harry. I nodded and Harry walked out of the room. Jaylyn started walking towards me. "Can you help me?" She stated tears coming to her eyes.

"I'll help you with anything, after all you are my sister," I replied. She faintly smiled and started to fall. I ran towards her and caught her in my arms. "Harry!" I yelled. He rushed into the room and look at Jay.

"What happened?" He asked. I looked at Jaylyn then back at Harry.

"That's what I would also like to know," I said carrying Jay bridal style to the couch.


Kaylee's POV

The woman who walked into the room looked familiar though I couldn't place a name.

"Hey Kaylee, I've heard so much about you," She smiled. I imagined stuff like this happening only in movies or in stories, but here I was having this kind of stuff happening to me.

"Who are you? and what do you want?" I asked trying to sound menacing, but probably failing miserably. She chuckled.

"The only thing I want is what you can help me get." She replied calmly. "or rather the only person I want." She smiled mischievously. 

"Who and why can only I help you get them," I asked back.

"You are my bait, they shall be coming soon, because if they don't she will surely die," She watched me carefully. I stared at her in shock. Someone is going to die? What was more important than someone's life?

"Who? Who will die?" I asked hesitantly, hoping it wasn't me. What she said though made me wish it was me instead.


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