Kidnapped (A Louis Tomlinson story)

I always wanted to meet One Direction, but I never expected to meet them this way


23. The first stop

Jaylyn's POV

It was hard to get everyone away from me. I went outside just as news reporters showed up. Oh great, I thought. I did not like getting all of this attention. As soon as I saw the reporters I went back inside. The bell rang. Thank goodness, I thought. I went to my next class. Ten minutes into the class  there was an announcement. "Jaylyn please come to the office." I headed towards the main office worse case if I end up leaving for the day, I can come back. I walked in and saw the news reporters and then I saw Louis. He smiled at me. 
"We've decided to leave early, your things are already packed, except the things you have here." He told me. 
"Okay, some of my stuff is in my class and some of it is in my locker." I replied. "I'll go get my things" I walked off, Louis followed me. I went back to my class. "I'm leaving for the day." I told me teacher.
"More like a couple weeks." Louis said. I didn't realize he followed me to my class. The girls went crazy and got up and asked for his autograph. Some of them started fangirling. I laughed as I grabbed my things. In between signing autographs and saying hi to girls, Louis explained what was going on to my teacher. 
"You ready?" He asked me, I nodded and we walked out of the class. I went to my locker and grabbed the rest of my things. Louis smiled as we started walking out of the front door of the school. A bus was waiting. It wasn't like a school bus, but like a big tour bus. Louis grabbed my hand as we walked to the bus and got in. News reporters were everywhere and so were a lot of people trying to even touch Louis. Three security guards escorted us to the bus and some more were trying to hold everyone back. The bus pulled away and I looked back. People were chasing the bus. It was crazy. I laughed and looked at Louis. 
"We are going back to England," Louis said. "That is the first stop on continuing our tour." I was excited, I've never been out of the states before and now I can tour the world.

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