Kidnapped (A Louis Tomlinson story)

I always wanted to meet One Direction, but I never expected to meet them this way


14. RUN!!

Jaylyn's POV
Hold Still. Hold Still. I had to let myself over and over again. Especially with the guys standing there. Lou did a really good job, he looks so convincing. I thought. Especially with his head down. I almost laughed. Thank goodness I stopped myself. It would've been a disaster if I started laughing. Instead I started whimpering. The guys looked at me. "We need to take her to the doctor," One of them said.
"What if the boss comes back," The second said. They looked at each other then at me. 
"Ya and what if she's dead when he comes back," The first one said. They other one nodded and picked me up. 
"Let's take him with us," The second one said, "We don't want him escaping." I saw as the other one grabbed Louis by the arm and dragged him to follow us. As soon as we were outside Louis stopped walking. "Now!" He yelled. I jumped down from the guy's hands and dodged as he tried to grab me again. Louis managed to free his arm in the commotion of me. We both started running, Louis was ahead of me and I looked back as those guys ran after us. "RUN!!" Louis yelled. He ran towards to woods. I followed. We bot knew that it was mostly for losing the people behind us.

Louis's POV

So far the plan is working almost just as I hoped it would. I just didn't expect those guys to keep coming after us, so I turned into the woods. I just hope Niall is where I told him I'd meet him and I hope I don't get lost. I looked back just as one of the guys were about to grab onto Jay. I stopped and grabbed her to be in front of me. After awhile of some more twists and turns I looked back and saw that the guys weren't behind us anymore. I headed towards the road. When we were almost to the road I saw Niall's car sitting there. Thank goodness. I thought as I urged Jay to go faster.


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