Kidnapped (A Louis Tomlinson story)

I always wanted to meet One Direction, but I never expected to meet them this way


18. Rumors

Kaylee's POV

During lunch I was lucky enough to find Jay before everyone else came and crowded around her. I was next to her when everyone came. "Is it true that you are staying with One Direction?" Someone asked. I couldn't tell if Jay was annoyed with all the questions or if she doesn't like the crowd. "I heard that Louis is really your brother." Someone else said. 
Jay stopped everyone from talking. "Who says that?" She asked the girl who told her that. Everyone in the cafeteria stopped talking and looked at Jay. I wonder what she is going to say. "Everyone is saying that. People say you look just like him when he was your age." Someone said. Jay looked away, I don't know if she has already heard about that rumor. I didn't really believe it, but she did almost look like him.

Jaylyn's POV

I was never alone even walking through the halls I was crowded. I would have to ask Louis how he did it. That happens to him all the time. At lunch Kaylee came to me right before everyone else showed up. They started asking question and telling rumors then I heard one that stood out. "I heard that Louis is really your brother." Someone said. Everyone grew quiet, they were all probably wondering what I was going to say. "Who says that?" I asked. I've heard about that before, but never in my face. I was a little surprised at how quite the cafeteria got. "Everyone is saying that." Someone else said. I already knew that. "People say that you look like him when he was your age." They continued.  I couldn't believe that, I wouldn't believe.    

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