Kidnapped (A Louis Tomlinson story)

I always wanted to meet One Direction, but I never expected to meet them this way


36. Passed out or something else

Kaylee's POV "what do you mean Jay could die?" I asked shocked. she was my best and only friend in this dark world. she can't die. "how do you know?" "I have inside information about things like that." the woman stated. "who are you any way?" I asked changing the topic. I did NOT want to talk about Jaylyn right now, especially with the chance that she could die. "My name is Raegen," The woman replied calmly. Raegen? where have I heard that name before? That is the same name and Jay's mother! No wonder she looked so familiar. She was Jay's mom. But why would she want Jay dead? More questions filled my head, but I didn't dare to ask anymore as I could tell Raegen was getting annoyed with whatever she was waiting for. Harry's POV Things just keep getting better don't they. Notice the sarcasm. After I went out of the room I sat and listened behind the door. Jay's voice was too quiet for me to hear, but shortly after Lou yelled for me. I walked into the room to see Louis holding the girl in his arms. He looked really scared. "What happened?" I asked. I looked at Jaylyn then at Louis. "That's what I would also like to know," He said carrying the girl bridal style to the couch. He started to explain what happened right before she passed out trying to hold back tears. Eventually the rest of the boys got woken up and we explained what happened. "we should take her to get checked at a doctor's or the hospital." Liam said looking at her then at all of us. We all nodded agreeing that was the best thing to do. Twenty Minutes later We pulled up to the hospital and Louis carried Jay to the nurses at the front desk. Once again we explained the best we could of what happened. "Please help her," Louis said quietly as they carried the seemingly sleeping girl away. Louis's POV I was in tears. It was all my fault that this was happening in the first place. Had she known she was going to pass out? Is that why she asked me to help her right before she passed out? I hadn't told anyone that she had said that. I just told everyone that she started walking towards me then passed out. Which lead to another question. Why did she pass out? Was it because she was tired? Or was it because of all the tragedies that have been taking place lately. Or was it because of something else? I couldn't stop crying. Of course the other lads tried to help comfort me, but nothing would work at least until I get results from the Doctor. I really hope she is okay. My phone lit up as I got a text message. It was from Raegen. 'Meet me in the states in five days. The doctor's can't help her. Don't show anyone this message' How did she know about Jaylyn? Was she in on this? If she was I knew exactly where to meet her. I'm going to have to go back to that cabin. I turned off my phone and pretended like nothing happened. Luckily when I got that text message the boys were walking away. They were going to go back to the house and was going to stay here until I got results. I laid my head on my hand and without realizing fell asleep. I got woken up by the doctor shaking my shoulder. "It's worse than we thought," he stated as I followed him to Jaylyn's hospital room.


Author's NOTE: A longer chapter because I haven't update in forever. Any I'm thinking about doing a character questions chapter. Any questions you have about this story add in the comments. Characters I will answer question for: Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam, Jaylyn, Kaylee, and Raegen. And of course me (as the author) One more note: 15532 views!! Thanks Everyone. 

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