Kidnapped (A Louis Tomlinson story)

I always wanted to meet One Direction, but I never expected to meet them this way


7. Louis?

Jaylyn's POV
 I have been held captive for two days now. They don't keep me tied to a chair anymore. Thank goodness. But I am kept in a room without any windows and the door is locked at all times. To eat they slide a plate of food underneath the door. The morning of the third day the guys handed me a outfit. "Put this on we are going somewhere." Then they locked the door again. I held up the outfit and the a picture fell out. Louis? It was a picture of Louis Tomlinson. It didn't make sense. The outfit almost looked like Louis's. Why would they do this? I put the outfit on. Five minutes later one of the guys came in and told me to change back then forced me outside and into the van. As soon as I was in the van they tied my hands and put a strap around me. It looked like a seat belt, but didn't feel like one.

Louis's POV
I sighed. Why? I mumbled under my breath for probably the millionth time. Whenever I was around the boys I could tell they were worried about me. But all I was worried about was her. When will I see her again? It's not like I saw her before she was gone again anyway. I sat on my bed and looked at the floor. I saw the note, and picked it up to read it again. How many days have passed? Today is the third day, I suddenly realized. I looked at the time 3:30 pm. I still have about another hour. 

Jaylyn's POV
It felt like we were driving forever we stopped for lunch then kept going. It's not like I got out or anything, so I had no idea where we were or where we were headed. Finally we stopped. "We are here." Said one of the guys. They blindfolded me and half dragged me outside. We walked I'm not sure how much though, because I was still blind folded.

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