Kidnapped (A Louis Tomlinson story)

I always wanted to meet One Direction, but I never expected to meet them this way


24. Ideas

Jaylyn's POV
As we pulled up to the airport I looked around. To my surprise there was hardly anyone there.
"We couldn't tell anyone when we are leaving. That is why no one is here. If people find out you will know." Louis said as he looked at me and smiled. We got on the airplane. I looked around, it was amazing. I sat down on one of the chair as the plane took off. I fell asleep five minutes after.
Niall's POV
We got on the plane and it took off. Almost as soon as the plane took off, Jaylyn fell asleep. she looked so peaceful when she was asleep. I looked at her. 
"You better not be getting any ideas," Louis said. I realized I was staring at Jaylyn and quickly looked away.
"What do you mean?" I tried asking innocently. 
"I saw the way you were looking at my sister." Louis replied. 
"No,that's not it at all," I looked at Louis. I have no idea why he said that. It would just be weird for me to like his sister. 

Louis's POV

I watched Jay as she fell asleep, then I looked at Niall. He stared at her. He better not be getting any ideas about liking her. 
"You better not be getting any ideas," I told Niall. He quickly looked away and I could tell he was a little embarrassed. 
"What do you mean?" He replied. Oh brother Niall. I thought to myself. 
"I saw the way you looked at my sister." I replied. Hopefully she wouldn't wake up and hear us talk. That would be really weird. 
"No that's not it I meant." Niall stated. I laughed and looked at the other boys. Niall looked confused for a minute, before laughing. After a while we were all laughing. 
Twenty minutes later we slowly stopped laughing and started talking about a more serious subject. Our upcoming concert.

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