Kidnapped (A Louis Tomlinson story)

I always wanted to meet One Direction, but I never expected to meet them this way


8. Confusion

Loius's POV 

Around 8:00 I headed out. All the boys looked at me. "Where are you going?" Niall asked. I told them I needed fresh air and I walked out. I walked to the park and sat on the bench were I first read the note. I waited for about 20 minutes before I saw someone coming. There were three men, two of them half carrying half dragging a blindfolded girl. The other guy had a gun. I nearly jumped out and ran towards her, but the guy pointed his gun at me. He told me to sit on the bench so I did. I am not going to fight a guy with a gun.

Jaylyn's POV
They finally stopped walking and let go of me. I didn't dare run because I had no idea where I was. I listened as I heard voices.
"Sit down." The first voice said. I knew he wasn't talking to me because his voice sounded away from me. "So you came after all."
"What did you expect. I wasn't going to let you treat her that way." The second voice stated. The voice sounded familiar, but I couldn't place a name.
"Did you tell anyone about the note."
"No, not even the other members." Members? What did he mean?
"Did anyone follow you?"
"Not that I know of. Now give her back to me." Back to him? What?
"Be patient. All in good time." The first voice said. The second voice mumbled angrily. 
"If you want her back you have to do what I say remember."
"Yes I remember." 
"The first thing I want you to do is disappear for a while."
"What?! Where would I go?"
"You would come with us. That way you could keep an eye on your precious girl." Precious? I was nobody's precious girl. What are they talking about? We started walking again, this time I could here the mumbling of the other person. When we got into the van they removed the blindfold, but kept my arms tied. I looked around.
"You're friend that you heard you won't be able to see for a while." Said the guy.

Louis's POV

I saw her, but I had to go with them. No one knew where I would be, but at least she would be safe. They put me in one van and put her in another. I had no idea what they were doing or why they were doing this. After a long time the vans stopped. And they dragged me into a cabin looking house. She was already in the house tied to a chair and blindfolded. They pushed me into a room with no windows and locked the door. What did I get myself into? I looked down and saw a picture of me and an outfit. Obviously a girls. outfit, but it looked like mine. Those guys better not have given anything away. I wanted to tell her myself.

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