Kidnapped (A Louis Tomlinson story)

I always wanted to meet One Direction, but I never expected to meet them this way


16. Back to school

Kaylee's POV

I heard on the news that Louis brought Jay back. I'm so jealous, she got the meet them without me. But I wouldn't want to be in her situation either, I'm also so excited. I hope she goes to school I haven't seen her in awhile. I would totally understand if she didn't go to school, especially after all she's been through. I got ready for school. I got to school and there was a crowd surrounding something by the door. I went up to one of the bystanding kids. "What's going on?" I asked him.  "Jaylyn is back and everyone heard about it. They are asking what happened. But she won't say anything other than what everyone already know. Like the stuff the news reporter already said." He told me. Why doesn't she want to talk about it? It must have been really hard for her.

Jaylyn's POV

I called my mom that afternoon I got back to the town. She said she couldn't come pick me up until later and then she asked to talk to Louis. I handed the phone to him. "Hello. Yes, this is Louis. No not yet, no I didn't tell her. Do you want me to right now? Yes, okay. Ya I'll tell her. Not tonight though. No. Okay that sounds good. Ya I'm sure the boys wouldn't mind. Yes Ya I'll bring her tomorrow, I'll stop by the house.No she can tell me. Okay ya Bye." Louis hung up the phone. What was that about I thought. "Your mom is out of town on a business trip," Louis turned to me, "She asked if it would be alright with the boys if you could stay with us until she could pick you up." He continued. He looked at the rest of the boys. They all nodded. Louis turned to me again. "She also wants you to go to school in the morning. If you want to." He said. I do want to I haven't seen Kaylee for a long time. I wonder what she is going to say. "Ya I'll go." Louis smiled. That night we went to our house and I got some of my clothes. I had a key because my mom and I hide because she's usually gone. When we got back to the hotel the news reporters showed up.

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