Kidnapped (A Louis Tomlinson story)

I always wanted to meet One Direction, but I never expected to meet them this way


34. Awake

Harry's POV
Louis told all of us about Jay's mom coming. We were super excited. One because we would be able to meet her in person and two because Jay hasn't seen her mom in a long time. At least from what I can tell. I woke up and noticed Louis wasn't in his bed.  I got up and started walking around. I found Louis right outside Jay's bedroom door. I came up to him and he looked at me.
"Hey Louis," I whispered. He sighed. His eyes were saddened.
"Hi Harry," He replied.
" anything wrong?" I asked. Louis knocked on the door and after a while opened the door.

"She's asleep," He whispered looking into the room.
"Were you ever going to tell her?" I whispered to him, referring to Regaen coming here.
"No she didn't want us to tell Jay because it was going to be a surprise," Louis whispered back. That made sense, plus I guess Louis already told us that.
"Oh is she still going to come?" I replied, still not sure when she was coming.
"She said she was, but I'm not sure when. She called me earlier this morning and asked to postpone because something came up and she couldn't make it yet." Louis replied. "We should let her sleep more. She is really worried about her friend." I nodded and Louis closed the door. We walked back into  our room.
"I will be right back," I mumbled and walked out. As soon as I was a little ways down the hallway I glanced back and saw Jay. She was awake? Oh no, Louis is going to flip when I tell him.

Five minutes later I walked back into our hotel room and saw Louis sitting on the couch. He faked a smile when I walked towards him. I looked at him then at the ground unsure of how to tell him that she was awake.
"Do you need to say something?" Louis asked after about a minute.
"I think Jay was awake when we opened the door." I whispered.

Kaylee's POV
The guards were in a hurry to do something. I was still never left alone and I still didn't have my phone back. One of the guards unlocked and opened the door to the room I was in. The person that was in here with me looked at the guy that opened the door.
"The boss is here."

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