Kidnapped (A Louis Tomlinson story)

I always wanted to meet One Direction, but I never expected to meet them this way


17. At school

Jaylyn's POV  

The news reporters asked what happened. I didn't say anything, as I looked at Louis he started to speak. "The only thing is that we all are safe and I brought her back and that's all that matters." We all went inside.  "You can sleep on this bed," Liam said as he pointed to a bed. "I'll sleep on the couch." He went to get some blankets. I laid on the bed and fell asleep. The next morning Niall woke me up at seven and I started getting ready for school. "Do you need a ride?" Zayn asked.  "No I can walk," I stated, "It's not that far." As soon as I got to school I got surrounded by a lot of people. I wasn't used to this. Everyone kept asking question, but I didn't want to talk about anything. Everyone kept asking me questions, so I told them what everyone already knew. I looked out of the crowd of kids and saw Kaylee standing there. I tried to walk out to talk to her, but nobody would let me. The bells rang for everyone to come inside. I didn't move, by the time I was able to most everyone was already inside. I went over to Kaylee. "I missed you so much," I told her. She smiled. "Me too," We walked into the school together just like the good times. Except it was different. I kept thinking about what happened. "Did the boys bring you to your house?" She asked.  "Well," I started to say, "They kind of did."  "What do you mean?" She cut me off. "I called my mom, but she was out of town, so I'm staying with them at the hotel , until my mom comes to pick me up." I told her. I've never seen her eyes look that big. I started to laugh. I went to my locker and then went to first period. The teacher looked at me as I walked in. "We are all glad you are back and that you are save." She said. I nodded and took an empty seat. Everyone started crowding around me. I'll have to get used to this being poplar thing.

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