Kidnapped (A Louis Tomlinson story)

I always wanted to meet One Direction, but I never expected to meet them this way


6. Are you sure?

Jaylyn's POV

I don't know when I fell asleep, but I guess I did. I woke up to two voices talking.
"Are you sure it's her?"
"I already told you yes it's her."
"It better be. I'm paying you to kidnap her for a reason."
"I know boss."
"I already sent a note to him."
I opened my eyes. The two people looked at me. "Look who decided to wake up." Said one of the guys. The van was stopped, but I still couldn't tell where we were. My feet weren't taped together anymore, my arms and mouth still were. "Take her inside," said the first guy. One of the guys grabbed my arms and forced me to walk inside a cabin. We were in the woods somewhere. He set me down on the floor and walked out. A few minutes later he walked back in and pulled me up. As he was setting me in a kitchen chair the other people came in. The guy finished tying me to the chair then walked away. Tears started streaming down my face. Why can't stuff like this only happen in movies? I thought. I didn't even know if anyone was looking for me. Well, I knew that Kaylee would.

Kaylee's POV

It has been two days since Jaylyn's kidnapping. Yesterday, the mall lady announced that they would still have the performance, but it was postponed, "Due to some difficulties." I didn't go to school today, my mom is still trying to cheer me up. I don't think anything will help. But, I won't give up. Jay I will find you no matter what it takes.

Harry's POV

For the next two days we all tried to cheer Louis up. but it seems that nothing is working. I can kind of piece together what happened when he got that phone call. But the way he's handling everything it scares me. Everyone sensed it, Louis was not himself at all. We tried to cheer him up or else just left him alone. I hope we can fix this soon.

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