Kidnapped (A Louis Tomlinson story)

I always wanted to meet One Direction, but I never expected to meet them this way


2. And the winners are...

Louis's POV

I had a brilliant idea to draw her out. Especially if she was a fan. Who could resist the idea of meeting us? The most famous boy band. But I was also nervous. What is she doesn't win? I sat down. "It's alright," Niall said in his Irish accent. I know he's only trying to comfort me, but it isn't helping. "you'll find her." He continued. I sure hope so, I thought. I haven't seen her in a long, long time. But what if she isn't a fan? That thought kept entering into my head. One of the reasons why I was so nervous.

Jaylyn's POV

I got split up with Kaylee and got put with this snotty girl named Abigail. "You better not make us lose." She kept saying as we got ready to perform. I saw Kaylee with this spanish looking girl. A lady went around and handed out numbers. "This is the number that you will sing a song and have a dance to go with it." We got number 73 out of 91. After about ten minutes a loud speaker came on and said "We will begin everyone take your seat, you may watch others perform. But you can't make rude remarks or you will be disqualified. You will perform in the order of the number I've given you.  Number 1" The lady said. Two people climbed up to the stage.

Kaylee's POV (Picture is Kaylee)

I got put with a girl named Agnes. She was actually pretty nice and I enjoyed working with her. I looked over at Jay. Boy did she look irritated. Oh well, I'll have to ask her later what happened. We sat down and watched the first people climb up on the stage. We got number 47 out the 91 groups there were. The performances took at least 2 minutes each. Some were boring and some were funny. Finally they called Agnes' and my number. We climbed on the stage. We did our dance while singing "Kiss you." Everyone clapped and I saw Jay she gave me a thumbs up. Everyone watched the performances. Some people even fell asleep. I was about to when I heard the number 73 and saw Jay get up. Her and the other girl danced and sang to the song called "Steal my girl," They were in the middle of their performance when the unthinkable happened.

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