Kidnapped (A Louis Tomlinson story)

I always wanted to meet One Direction, but I never expected to meet them this way


1. An ordinary day

It was a normal Saturday and I was just chillin' with my best bud at my house. My mom was gone, because of work. She worked all the time, sometimes I didn't even see her at all for a couple days, I'm not even sure what she does for work. My best friend, Kaylee, was complaining about the weather. For her it was always either too hot or too cold. She flipped through stations on our TV. "Come to this shopping mall and you can get a chance to meet One Direction!!! Once in a lifetime offer." A commercial said. Kaylee jumped up, "Let's go!" She said. I shrugged and followed her. We both loved the boys and they were our idols. Louis was mine and Niall was Kaylee's. We lived in a small town so it didn't take us very long to get to the mall. When we got their a crowd was already gathering. A big banner that read: "Come here for a chance to met the biggest boy band in the world." I looked around and noticed a guy standing towards the back of the room. Strange, I thought, oh well. 
"Over here," Kaylee said dragging me over to a rack of shirts. All the shirts had a picture of the boys and thier signature underneath. "Let's get one," Kaylee said.
"Okay," I mumbled. I didn't really care, my mind kept wandering to that guy I saw. Oh well, I brushed it aside.

Kaylee's POV

I don't get what's wrong with Jaylyn. She's usually into this way more than I am. She's acting like a zombie or something. I got us both some of the shirts I saw before they were gone, they sure went fast. 
"If you want to meet One Direction, come over here." A loud speaker said. Everyone went over to the mini stage that got set up in the middle of the floor. I practically dragged Jay to the stage.
"We are going to have a dance and sing off. Whoever places first and second gets to meet the boys." I looked at Jaylyn, something in her snapped and she was back to her original self. Thank goodness, I thought as I smiled at her. Next thing she was giving me a thumbs up as we got split up to be with different partners.

(The picture is Jaylyn)

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