Kidnapped (A Louis Tomlinson story)

I always wanted to meet One Direction, but I never expected to meet them this way


3. A turn of events

Harry's POV

I could tell that Louis was nervous, I think that we could all tell. Niall tried to cheer him up, but it wasn't working. I have never seen him this nervous. "Tomorrow you'll see her, then you can tell her everything," I told Lou. 
He nodded, we were still at the hotel, we couldn't go to the mall because of "security issues" and everything, so we made the plan that the "winners" could see us tomorrow. I was secretly hoping Lou's plan would work, especially after he told us the story. After about ten minutes Louis' phone rang. 
"They have the winners already?" Joked Zayn trying to cheer us all up. Louis picked up the phone.

Niall's POV

"Hello," Louis said, his voice was shaky. "What?! What happened?!" Louis yelled. He surprised us all. Tears started streaming down his face. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Something must have gone horribly wrong. I looked at everyone else their faces the same as mine. Complete shock and confused.

Liam's POV

After Louis picked up his phone, he started yelling. I think it shocked us all to here him yell that loud. "What do you mean gone?!!!" Louis continued. "She...she can't be gone," Tears were streaming down his face. "Who would do that? Why would anyone do that??!!" He raged on. "Did anyone know who she was. Fine! Call me back when you have some answers!" He slammed his phone down and looked at us. 

Louis POV

I already was already nervous when I made this plan, but why did it have to become worse? I slammed my phone down after I hung up. My eyes still stained with tears I looked at the rest of the boys. I sighed and walked out of the room and went into the bathroom. Why would anyone do that? I kept thinking in my head over and over again. I washed my face and went outside. I needed some fresh air. I said out loud to myself as I headed towards the park to sort things out. I sat down on a bench when a note fell into my lap. I looked around no one was there. I opened the note and stared at what it said.

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