Poems Of The Heartbroken & Depressed

All these poems are depressing. Some deal with heartbreak. ✴DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE DEPRESSED. ✴These are NOT to SUPPORT suicide. (Who would WANT support it??!?!) ✴These are all I got. So... Yeah. These may not look like poems once they are published, but they are.


1. ✴Disclaimer✴

If you read these, be aware, these are depressing poems. If YOU are depressed, DON'T READ THESE! These poems are not to support suicide or depression. I HAVE BEEN THROUGH DEPRESSION. I CUT ONCE. I'M LIKE 4 MONTHS CLEAN. PLEASE DON'T HARM YOURSELF. YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL OKAY? I LOVE YOU ALL. IF YOU NEED TO TALK... IM HERE FOR YOU. Xx Natasha
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