What if

I've been living in Utah for a few weeks and school's about to start. How am I going to fare in my new neighborhood?


1. Introduction

    I hear some barking coming from someone’s yard. The noise of my skateboard wheels against the road. The wind moves the trees and the long grass by the lake. I turn and cruise down the street towards my neighborhood. Nobody’s home. All the lights are turned off. I take out my earbuds and step off my skateboard. Kicking the board into my hand, I step onto the sidewalk and look around. I’m feeling a little creeped out at this point, where is everyone? I walk up to my house and fish the key out of my pocket. I lift the key up to the door, the door opens.




    Now, for you to understand what’s going on, I’m going to have to backtrack a little. My name is Claude. I’m originally from Utah, but I’ve moved around a little in my lifetime. The most recent place I lived was on the east coast, so very far away from my home and family. When I saw my parents looking at houses and heard calls from Utah numbers, I got a little suspicious. It wasn’t the first time we’ve almost moved to Utah again though. For the past four or five years the threat of another move has been hanging over my head, on and off after several months. This time I knew I wouldn’t let myself get too excited.

    I’m not going to tell you much more about myself as person, you’ll find out about me as I tell my story. One thing that you should know before I start though, is that I don’t have many friends. Or at least, people I consider my friends. There’s Stan and Jordan, and then also Matthew, but he already moved away a while ago. Well, now that I’m all done introducing myself, I should probably start telling my story shouldn’t I...

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