Killed By Him

What happens when a soul can't rest in peace? Is that person dead? Or is that person in a coma somewhere in the world?


1. How I died

I ran out the front door of his house. Scared out of my mind. Of course he is the one, at age 17, too drink too much and chase me with a knife. "Olivia! Get your ass back here right now!" He yells my name with his sharp voice. Tears come streaming down my face. I didn't yell back, I just kept running from the problem. "Olivia! You are so getting it when I find you!" He yells. I run into the forest, breathing heavily. Leave me alone. I mange to say in my head. 


Just then, he stepped out in front of me. I screamed. His eyes looked hungry and angry. Like a wolf who hasn't ate anything in days and would jump at any sign of life. "Olivia!" He snapped and grabbed my wrist. I was crying to hard now to even see his face right. "You don't ever run from me, you piece of shit!" He went on snarling. He dragged me further into the forest. A knife at his side, already covered in the blood of our sister. 


"Stop...Please....Please stop....I am begging you....Please don't hurt me...." I chock out all the way to the lake. I screamed when I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I looked up and saw the shinning lake. "Please....stop....don't do and dad wouldn't be happy..." I cried. He pushed me into the ground. "Screw mom and dad!" He snapped. I flinched at the heat in his voice. What am I to do? He killed Jennings, our sister, and now he is gonna kill me. The pain in my chest deepens. The warm sticky blood clings to my shirt. I was scared. I was gonna die. 


"Help me!" I yell. "Someone! Anyone! Please help me!" I went on. His eyes went wide. He looks around, no one. Shit, no one can hear me scream. "Shut the fuck up Olivia!" He snaps. I cry as he kicks me. Then the next thing I know, I am thrown into the water of the shining lake. The pain in my chest throbs with pain so much, I can't swim. Plus I never knew how, no one ever taught me. 


Fear runs through my body. I was trying to swim up, but still struggle to get to the top. My lung start to burn from the lack of oxygen. I cried out my last breath and slowly fall to the floor of the lake. Then everything around me becomes cold and dark. I feel myself breath again, but the air has a bitter stale feel to it. I open my eyes to see nothing but a white light. I smile and reach up to the light. But, it leaves before I can get to close. 

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