Killed By Him

What happens when a soul can't rest in peace? Is that person dead? Or is that person in a coma somewhere in the world?


2. Forever Family

I woke up breathing heavily, holding my chest to try and stop my heart from jumping out. That nightmare. Where did it come from? Once I got myself calm, I went into the bathroom of my house. I looked in the mirror to see my pale toned face. My brown curly hair looked like rats lived in it from last nights rest. My hazel eyes scanned over my chest.  There was no blood.  I sighed in relief to see that. 


I decided to take a shower and wash my hair. I stepped out of the shower and saw myself in the mirror again. A white scar over the left side of my chest showed. I was born with the scar, no one knew why. But, it did look like a stabbing mark. I laughed, yeah right. 


"Olivia, breakfast is ready!" Jennings, my older sister, yelled up the stairs. "Coming!" I yell back happily. I walk out of my small bedroom and down the hallway. I froze when I saw our family picture. Caden, our brother who died at age 17, stood next to 5 year old me in the picture. Our mom and dad standing there holding hands, who also died. I felt a tear threatening to spill out. I chocked it back and looked away. 


I made my way down the stairs and into the kitchen. Where my sister and her boyfriend, Jackson, were sitting at the dinning table. I say their ship name should be JJ, because both of their names start with the letter J. I sat down next to her and smiled, hopefully hiding my tears. They died five years ago, but I still miss them. 


"Hey, how did you sleep Ollie?" Jackson asked me. He, for some strange reason, likes to call me Ollie, instead of Olivia. "I slept fine Mr. Foo-foo." I said. He gave me a playful glare. Jack has really messy curly blonde hair that he can't tame. His hair reminds me of a teddy bear. So, since he calls me Ollie, I call him Mr. Foo-foo. "Hey, Only I can give my Pickle Head cute names sis." Jennings said. I laughed, as Jack turned to face her. "Maybe you should start being my sweet cupcake and not a sour fruit JenJen and call me cute names and not Pickle Head." He says. Both, me and my sister, break out into laughter. Jackson gave us puppy dog eyes. 


Jen told me to dig in, which I did. I love my sisters cooking, and the smile she gives me when she watches me eat. If she could make me fat and eat me, I think she would. We started talking about what to do this summer. That's when I realize that they are my forever family. The only family I need. 

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