Castaway||Muke au

What happens when A complete smart ass and a complete weirdo meets the opposite of his kind?


3. Mixed Signs ๐Ÿ˜…

Michael's POV

I want you I'll color me blue

Anything it takes to make you stay

Only seeing myself when I'm looking up at you๐ŸŽถ

The sound blasted from my big arse speakers. I am really into Troye Sivan's music I think I'm obsessed with him?

Get a hold of yourself Michael

"What else can I do? I mumble to myself as I sat down in my comfy bed I'm really bored and there's nothing much to do in here except maybe some video games, guitar, clean this filthy room? no never gonna happen

I grabbed my phone and strolled through my contacts. I saw Luke's number

Should I give him a call?

Maybe not

But I'm really bored? What if he starts to suspect a thing? Nah why would he?

As I pressed the call button I'm starting to jump up and down on my bed waiting for him to pick up

A couple of rings and okay here we go. i cleared my throat to avoid getting choked

"Hello?" His voice is so gentle

"Oh hey Luke it's Michael i was wonder-" before i could speak he cut me off

"Oh so you're the one who's texting me all this time. I'm so sorry I didn't text back to all those messages I thought it was from a stranger dude or something" he sounded pretty sincere i can tell he is smiling while saying he's sorry

"Nah no prob Luke I'm just wondering maybe you could or we could hang out?

Geez I sounded like a bitch fuck

"Y-yeah sure where?"

"Here at my place? Is that cool?"

"Okay yeah that sounds great do want some snacks?" He offered

"Yeah sure some chips and coke would do thanks byeee" i ended up the phone call before he could speak

I went to the bathroom to have a nice decent bath

After some quiet time I grabbed my clothes and put it on I fixed some of my things and sprayed some air freshener in my room hoping that he can't smell the pizza aroma inside I hope he doesn't think that I'm a pig or a complete douche for being so dirty and filthy I hope he won't get too grossed out

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