Castaway| MUKE au

What happens when A complete smart ass and a complete weirdo meets the opposite of his kind?


3. Mixed Signs ๐Ÿ˜…

Michael's POV

I want you I'll color me blue

Anything it takes to make you stay

Only seeing myself when I'm looking up at you๐ŸŽถ

The sound blasted from my big arse speakers. I am really into Troye Sivan's music I think I'm obsessed with him?

Get a hold of yourself Michael

"What else can I do? I mumble to myself as I sat down in my comfy bed I'm really bored and there's nothing much to do in here except maybe some video games, guitar, clean this filthy room? no never gonna happen

I grabbed my phone and strolled through my contacts. I saw Luke's number

Should I give him a call?

Maybe not

But I'm really bored? What if he starts to suspect a thing? Nah why would he?

As I pressed the call button I'm starting to jump up and down on my bed waiting for him to pick up

A couple of rings and okay here we go. i cleared my throat to avoid getting choked

"Hello?" His voice is so gentle

"Oh hey Luke it's Michael i was wonder-" before i could speak he cut me off

"Oh so you're the one who's texting me all this time. I'm so sorry I didn't text back to all those messages I thought it was from a stranger dude or something" he sounded pretty sincere i can tell he is smiling while saying he's sorry

"Nah no prob Luke I'm just wondering maybe you could or we could hang out?

Geez I sounded like a bitch fuck

"Y-yeah sure where?"

"Here at my place? Is that cool?"

"Okay yeah that sounds great do you want some snacks?" He offered

"Yeah sure some chips and coke would do thanks byeee" i ended up the phone call before he could speak

I went to the bathroom to have a nice decent bath

After some quiet time I grabbed my clothes and put it on I fixed some of my things and sprayed some air freshener in my room hoping that he can't smell the pizza aroma inside I hope he doesn't think that I'm a pig or a complete douche for being so dirty and filthy I hope he won't get too grossed out

After cleaning my room I decided to check my tumblr and check some stuffs after that i checked my twitter scrolling through my notifications and I tweeted " FUCK IM SO NERVOUS HE'S COMING OVER"

The doorbell rang after i tweeted that which made me more nervous. I ran downstairs to open up the door and I saw Luke wearing his plaid shirt and some skinny jeans he looks so hot right now.

He handed me the snacks and drinks

"Oh here are the snacks you ordered sir" imitating a voice of a delivery boy who works on ebay

I laughed at him

"Come on in mate welcome to my crib it's not much yeah?"

I welcome him to enter the house he seems pretty shy

"Not much eh? Your house is huge what the fuck Michael"

He sounded like he was suprised

"Well it's not much come on let's go to my room."

I was leading him to my room while his eyes are exploring our house he saw some pictures of me while i was a baby I know I was a cute baby

"Aww Michael is that you?"

He just saw my naked baby picture

"What the actual fuck how did you saw that?!"

"Well it's over here"

"What? I'm quite sure i hid that yeah really"

"You're such a cutie back then what happened?"

"Whatever Lucas"

He just laughed in response

So we reached my room after that commotion and I opened the door and quickly sniffing my room hoping the air freshener did its job to cover up the pizza aroma I was surprised that there was no pizza aroma in my room

Luke quietly entered my room and sat down on some fluffy big ass pillows i have

"Wow you're room is very clean i can't believe it"

Luke stated

"Well yah know i think it's about time to clean this big dump site. So what movie would you like to watch?"

'I don't really know because movies tend to bore me out"

"Oh gosh i thought I was the only one"

Luke's eyes met mine after I said that and he blushed i don't really know why so there was silence after that

"So do you like youtubers and stuff?" He asked

"Oh yeah yeah i do" we had a lot in common


"You know Twaimz? Liza Koshy? Specially Pewds?" I asked in excitement

" yeah i know all of them but do you watch Troy-

Before he could finish his statement i completely gushed in


"Well yeah yeah troyeeeee" he giggled which made me want to squeeze his cheeks

"Let's do a Troye marathon shall we?"

"Come on let's do it" he tried to copy Troye's voice but he can't which made me burst into laughter

So i logged in my youtube account and searched Troye's channel and then i scrolled down to his very first youtube video ever so by the time i saw it Luke was already eating some chips and i finally clicked the video

"Fuck his voice makes my spine shiver" Luke said while watching the video

" i know mine too i already watch this video for like 5 times now but it has the same effect on me whenever I watch this"

"Tell me about it"

I can tell that he's hella obsessed with Troye I mean he seems so quiet while smiling at the same time while watching Troye's vids and that makes me so happy rn

As a matter of fact this is the first time that i felt this way.

Am I really falling for Luke?

I like boys now?

Since when?

God Michael pls

"Hey uh i'll just go downstairs to get more chips okay" well that was awkward Michael way the go

"Oh o-okay sure" Luke said while focusing on Troye

So as i reached our refrigerator i grabbed some pepsi and some chocolates and biscuits then something has caught my attention Luke's phone is vibrating but it was on silent there where 15 missed calls and a text message and it's from 'Arzaylea'

I wonder who is she?

As my curiosity grew bigger i said to myself that not to read Luke's text message because that is his privacy

But i can't control myself so i did open it

Luke's phone has no pin or so. So after swiping it the text message immediately appeared it reads

Hey Luke lunch's on me don't forget to bring the stuffs alright? See you at 4:30 or 5 meet me there ;) x

I quickly ran upstairs to tell Luke that his phone is ringing or he missed some calls

As soon as I get there he was fast asleep on my big ass pillows he was holding some bag of chips and some coke.

I decided to not wake him up because it would be rude of me to do so plus I don't want him to leave yet so i sat there staring at him

"God he is so perfect" i whispered to myself as I continue to stare at his face

He gently moves and scrunches his nose and that's quite cute. I grabbed my phone to take some pictures of him while he's sleeping

After some pictures I decide to clean up and to turn off my laptop and to lay Luke on my bed he's pretty heavy thought as i gently placed him on my bed he holds my shoulder and whispered something

"Please don't let me go yet I need you"

I guess he's dreaming so I decided to talk back

"I will never leave your side I'll stay with you"

After placing him on my bed I decided to wash myself. I went to the bathroom and took off my clothes and washed my body I really liked washing my body before getting to bed and it's pretty late too considering it's Saturday so maybe Luke can sleep here

As I was cleaning up my thoughts of Luke's messages was brought up and I'm really curious about this girl like i don't even know what's going on between the two of them, but all I know is that Luke's pretty shy and he's bi

After cleansing my body i grabbed my towel and wrapped it all over my lower area I have some serious boner right now i don't really know why

I checked my clocked and it was past nine as I entered my room Luke was still there, but he is awake now

"Uhm hey I'm sorry for falling asleep in your bed, but I'm pretty sure i fell asleep on that pillow"

"Oh you see I kinda put you there you're quite heavy you know"

"Really? Well you're very strong Michael"

I forgot that I was half naked

I fully entered the room and Luke saw me with just some towel on

"Well it's kinda late now Luke would you like to stay for a night?"

"Do you mind?"

"Of course not"

"Where would I sleep?"

"Oh there is some bed under my bed, sort of you just pull the stuff over there and that's it"

"That's pretty cool"

"I know right"

"Well uhm Michael"


"You do know you have some bonner right now?"

"You see this is very strange like i don't know why"

Luke got up from where he was sitting and stood next to me. I could feel his warn breath on my neck, I faced him leaving him blushing again for like the 5th time

"What are you doing Lucas?"

"Let me help you with that"

While looking down on my dick

"Sorry I'm kinda confused?"

"Please Michael stop pretending that you're so innocent"

He laughed he stepped closer towards me and leaned in to kiss me

I cupped his facing using my left hand and locked the door using the right one

As he kiss me more I deepened the kiss it was passionate and it was something. I feel so aroused and dirty all of the sudden because of Luke I was surprised he did this to me, but I can't stop now

in the middle of the kiss I started to pull his clothes first his shirt after that his pants leaving him in his boxers I grabbed his crotch and started to arouse him even more as I massage it he started to moan my name gently leaving me turned on

"O-oh baby fuck yes your moans are music to my ears"

He smirked and stopped kissing me as he kissed my jawline

"Mmm you like that huh?"

"I never thought that Lucas Hemmings is capable of this"

"Well you are now"

Now Luke's on top of me and my towel was nowhere to be seen he grabbed my dick and he started to stroke it as I kiss him on his neck and bit his ear playfully moans are only heard inside my room

Luke was gently playing with my dick and I decide to return the favor now I'm on top of him and he was surprised I placed my head on his lower area seeing his erection being prominent

"It's my time baby I'll make you beg for more"

"Fucck hmm y-yes Michael"

I stripped of his boxers revealing his long member facing me

I started to lick him leaving him moaning and playing with my hair

"You like this huh?"

"Y-yess ahhh"

I continue to lick his dick and to deepened it he was moaning to loud

"Now now baby don't moan to loud the neighbors would hear us"

"Mmm y-yeah I'm sorry"

I continue to suck him faster this time after a while teasing him and sucking his hard dick faster and sloppier he cummed on my mouth as I swallowed it licking him clean

"Aah fuck Michael you're good mmnn fuck"

"I know you will beg for it"

"Baby it's my turn okay?"

Now Luke's stroking his balls and he's on top of me kissing my neck my jawline and now his nibbling my ear and my lips

He grabbed my dick and continued to play with it asI watch him do his work

"You're so beautiful right now"

"Thank you, now let's go now and continue this"

He started to suck my dick nice and easy and then with a faster pace

I played with his hair and moaned his name

I grabbed his head gently and i controlled it

Up and down up and down slowly to fast then he decide to take charge

"Mm yeah L-luke that's nice aahhhh"

After some sucking I cummed on his face and he licked it clean he was looking at me while licking me I agree he is fucking seductive thank goodness i invited him to come over

He continued to stroke my balls and licking it for once in awhile making me moan his name even more.

I pushed him gently on the other side of my bed leaving me on top and I quickly kissed him making him moaning again

"M-michael I-i want err you inside of me" he begs

"Yes baby will do now"

I continue to do the foreplay then I decided to enter him nice and easy I kissed him so hard to distract him from the pain

"F-fuck Mmm baby you're so tight"

"Aahh oh shit M-michael aaaghh"

I decided to thrust gently. After that i felt like his now comfortable so decided to thrust a lot more faster now making him moan louder and leaving him in pleasure

"Aahh yessss Michael ahhhh fucckkk"

"Baby do you want that huh?"

I kissed his neck and left some hickeys and kissed his lips, he kissed me back our tongues fighting for dominance and fuck i'm so hard right now

He's hands are on my back scratching me every time he's on pleasure.

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