Castaway| MUKE au

What happens when A complete smart ass and a complete weirdo meets the opposite of his kind?


2. Maybe I am ๐Ÿ‘€

Michael's POV

I'm on my way to my locker and geez I'm late for the 42 th time, but I'm used to it.

As I walk pass by some rooms and lockers some Girls greeted me and I just nodded in response. I saw a familiar body figure standing near my locker getting some things

"Hey Luke how ya doin'?" I asked

"Hey Mike well I'm just getting some few stuffs to get to my next class how about you?"

"Well I'll be doing the same thing I guess? You need to get to your next class I guess you're gonna be late"

"Okay see you later?"

"Eat with me at lunch will you?"

"Er sure?" He hesitantly answered

"My treat" i smirked at him and he just nodded in response

"Gotta go"

"Bye" i fixed my things and i grabbed the closest book i can get and I proceeded to my next class before closing my locker I noticed that Luke's locker is still open and I decided to roam his locker and check his stuffs out I saw a number taped in a book I joint down the number I saw and I was sure that that is Luke's number.

I saved it to my phone in case I'll be needing that later so my next class is History and it bores me out seriously I don't get the point that we need to talk about the events happened from like decades ago yeah we all know it's pretty important stuff, but why can't we talk about the future or something else?

I'm not hating this class, but I'm starting to :/

As I entered the History room our professor was there and he stared at me like I killed someone or did something wrong I'm pretty sure i'm not late in his class.

I decided to sit down in the back just in case. I grabbed my phone and texted Luke's number

Hey Luke how ya doin'?

I waited for his reply, but nothing so I decided to just listen very well and flip the shit out of this class so after some discussions the bell rang and i quickly went to my locker to fix some things and get my extra shirt

I checked my phone,but still nothing no reply or anything so I decided to skip class because I'm not in the mood to learn anything

I went to the rooftop it's not really a hidden place but there are no students at this time cept' maybe for some couples or i don't know as I walked in I saw a guitar case I opened it up and I picked it .

It was an old style guitar coated in a shade of bluish black I carefully strummed the strings and hummed with it

I sang All of the Stars by Ed Sheeran. I don't know why, but this song make me peacefully calm deep down.

I can see the stars from America ๐ŸŽถ

I was about to sing the next line, but someone interrupted me

He cleared his throat

" ehem uh I think you're not suppose to be in here?" Wait that voice sounds familiar

"Well what are you doing here I suppose?" As I turn around to look who it was I saw Luke standing next to me

"I decided to skip class today" he awkwardly said scratching the back of his neck

"Well what do we have here? Luke Hemmings? Skipping class? Are you sure? What did you do to Lucas?!?" I teased him and that made him laugh

"You play?" He asked changing the topic

"Oh yeah y-yeah"

"How long are you playing the guitar? Can you play electric too? He asked it looks like he's interested now

"Well since I was 13 or 14 years old and yeah I can play some electric too you know" i winked and he smiled

"Nice vocals you have"

"Well would you look at that Luke Hemmings? Complimenting me now? I teased him again making him blush

"No really it's true" he said

"Do you play? I'm starting to think that you're in a band or something?" I cheerfully asked

"Yeah I play during my spare time specially when I'm bored"

"Can you sing for me?" I really wanted to hear his voice

"Give me a song, what's your favorite song?"

"Teenage Dream by Katy Perry?"

He almost laugh

"W-what it's my jam you idiot!"

" it's my jam too it's a very up beat song and it really mean so much to me"

"Go on start singing. Sing to me like one of your french girls" i teased him

He just smiled and started to strum the strings with a C chord i don't really know if that's a C chord

๐ŸŽถ" I think you're pretty without any make up on

I think you're funny when you tell the punch line wrong

๐ŸŽถ I know you get me so I let my walls stay down down

The school bell rang before he can sing another line

"I think it's lunch time" I said as he placed down the guitar gently into its case

"Oh come on let's go down i can use some fries and baked macaroni"

"It's my treat c'mon" I said as I wait for him to stand up and pick his bag

On our way to the cafeteria my friends saw me with Luke they walked towards us

"Hey did you just skipped class Michael?" Jake asked

Well he is not much a character but he's very kind and he's a varsity player in our school

"Yeah I really wanted some alone time"

Luke was being Luke as usual the 'quiet' type

"We better go see you later" I said to Jake as he waved me goodbye and leaving some of my friends confused


Luke's POV

He's a gentleman he always pays for my lunch but now he's acting different he's being extremely kind and i really don't know why?

Is he like this every time he meets new friends or?

I'm starting to get my hopes up

Luke please don't just please don't

I know I'm bisexual I'm attracted to both genders


As he walks his way to our spot he was holding a tray with our lunch on it he was smiling leaving his green eyes all sparkly and different he was very happy genuinely happy. It was the first time to see him like that.

"You must be hungry?" He asked

"How'd you say so?" I asked him and I studied his face still smiling and I don't know why

"Well I can tell by the way you stare on the tray earlier as I walked towards here it's like you're grooling mentally"

Is he teasing me? Or?


Why on earth did i stared at him?!

"Well yeah I'm really hungry you know" i just said for some some dumb excuse

"Okay here just eat this up and I'm sure you're gonna be full in no time" giving me my lunch and a drink

"Thank you, you know I can pay for my own lunch right?

He chuckled and he spilled his orange juice

"Y-yeah I know that a small thank you would do the job Luke" while his mouth half full of fries and cheeseburger

"I said Thank you now eat your lunch and don't talk if your mouth is full" i commanded him

"Geez you sounded like my mother" he laughed while sipping through his oj

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