A Megstiel and a Dean x Charlie AU (Alternate Universe).
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More brief description : A young boy named Sam Winchester find's his old high school Journal �� in an old chest drawer he opens it up to where all the pages are blank then remember that this is the one he.

Lost back in high school he runs upstairs to his room to write the unfinished chapters
of last year's Christmas Eve but with twist.
It all started with my two bothers falling in love with two girls....
PS I do not own Supernatural, It's owned by Eric Kripke. Only this fanfic is owned by me not the characters that is owned by Eric Kripke. And the poem's at the end belong to me.
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3. Chapter3: Music Class


Hey guys  here  is chapter 3  but I'm going to take brake from Sam pov  and switching Dean's pov.


Dean pov


"Rise and Shine Sammy"  I said


"Dean go away It's  Saturday"he put the cover's over his head and turn his back to the window.

"And you really need to stop sleeping on the window seal sometime the sun will burn your" back" also today is Monday".  I said 

"I know" he said back " I have been reading and writing."  he said back  

"I'm going to make breakfast". I said back 


"Ok I will get ready for school'. he said

I left  his room and walked downstairs to get breakfast ready.

 Garth was still sleeping then I hesitate  remembering I need to wake up cass.

I walked to his room. 


"cass get up time for school." I said 


"I'm already " he said


"Did you eat breakfast."? I said 


"Not yet I'm going down now."  he said


He walked down and I just got ready in my room. 


~15 min later~


Garth was up  and make our lunch  and we where about to go  until he yelled! "you guys you" "forgot your lunch!"    

Sam got all our of our lunch's and handed them to us.




Sam pov


Garth then smiled at us then walked out of the house  in to town to work  on his job.


"Come on guys  we need to go to school now." I said


we all walked  down the street into the other side of the village. 


"well we are here" I said to them. 


{As we got our school schedule out of our bags}


I can"t believe over the winter brake  Garth gave us our schedule's  early to make matter worse   they build a coffee house shop in town and today is the grand opening and it's still.   Snowing and Garth wants us to go in to town to see the grand opening.


But I know me and dean also  cass will be drowning in homework but I think a candy bar after school won't hurt  we all agreed to got cheek it out when school was done.


we all look at our schedule's  and we all had Music Class  together!


"awesome!" dean said  


we continued walking to class when we got their we sat in different seats.

 I sat in the back by the window  cass, sat behind an empty desk,


Dean also sat in a desk but it was in front of him just then Charlie came in also followed by Meg.  


I just smiled back at dean and cass for then my cell phone vibrated in my pocket I just pulled it out.   


Then I just looked at the two text  I  already know it was from my two bothers.


the text message's said

: sam "shut up" dean said

then I reply  back saying "but I didn't do anything"

"your just in love with a girl"  I said back to him


"Shut up" he said back 


Then I closed it  for the music teacher  was here. 


"hello class" she said 


For today's assessment  I will put you guys in a group or more.   she said 

"Dose anyone know  Pentatonix or seen any of there videos?" she said back 


"I have seen some of there videos there an Acppella group right"? "and they do videos?" cas said back  to her.

"Yup"  you can also use your Instruments only a guitar.  she said  


"Cass Sam, Dean, Meg and Charlie"  she said 

"I want you to be a group all  together" she said back to us.


Then the bell rang  I got all my stuff and waited for dean and the others.


Charlie pov

"So Meg have you thought of what we are going to do for the  project'.? 

we could do a cover of latch but a different  version we can do a music video at the coffee House grand opening,   "we are opening it today after  school "we don't have time to work. On" it today" she said "ok' I said back "this is going to be a long day. I though in my head"


~End of Charlie's point ~   






































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