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More brief description : A young boy named Sam Winchester find's his old high school Journal �� in an old chest drawer he opens it up to where all the pages are blank then remember that this is the one he.

Lost back in high school he runs upstairs to his room to write the unfinished chapters
of last year's Christmas Eve but with twist.
It all started with my two bothers falling in love with two girls....
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8. Chapter 8: Marry Christmas Winchester's

Hey guys this is The Final last Christmas coffeehouse AU (Alternate Universe) chapter in the book, Also enjoy the last two poem's on the next page.



That inspired me to make this SPN Alternate Universe even possible to make enjoy the last chapter and the two poems happy Holidays from my Family to yours and a happy new year. 🎆 ~ Fantasygirl



Sam pov


It's finally Christmas break and I lost my Journal for English class Delilah must have hidden it for she came In my room holding her dog bowl in her mouth.


"Sorry girl" I pat her on the head and took the bowl from her and walked downstairs to put some dog food into her bowl and then the other water.


I looked at the time it's was 7:00am and it's finally Christmas Day.


As I let Delilah eat I decided to make breakfast for everyone in the house including myself. It didn't really take too long but it took a long of time to make breakfast for the family.


🐹~30 minutes later time skipped~🐹


"Garth,Dean, Cass, time for breakfast." I said


"Marry Christmas Garth." said happily


"Marry Christmas big brother." I said back


"I made breakfast for everyone." I also said back


"It's look's great." he said back


"Thanks" I said back


"Marry Christmas " cass said


"Marry Christmas cass." I said back


Then I heard my cellphone chimed in my pocket it was text message from Meg.


"Hey Ellen is throwing a Christmas party."Garth said


"Can we go Garth and to the new coffee shop house too.?" I said


"Sure I guess." he said


"Just helped me deliver these homemade brownie's to them next door and I "will think about it" he said back and "if you want some left" "over brownies there in the refrigerator". He said back happily


"Okay than I ran out the door holding the plate of brownies and knock on there front door.


Jo had gotten the door for me "My older brother made you guys some brownies for your party!" I said


"Thanks" she said back As she took the brownies from me.


"No Problem." I said back


"Are you coming to the Christmas party?" she asked


"Yup I will be there." I said back


"Are you still sick?" I asked back


"Yup but I'm getting better." she said back


"That's good well I need to go now bye now." I said back


I slowly walked back home.


"Ok I'm back" I walked back upstairs to look for where Delilah hid my Journal for English class.


I looked underneath the bed and behind the dresser but it was not there either.


"I'm totally going to fail English class because my hell hound hid it from me." I thought in my head


"Sammy what are you looking for"? Dean asked


"My Journal for English Class Delilah hide it". I said back


"Maybe she used it as a chewy toy!" he laugh at his own joke.


I rolled my eyes at him "I don't have time for your cheesy joke's Dean" "I need to find it" I said

"If you can't find it then get a new one." he said back


"Buy a new one"?! "we can't just buy a new one from the 10 cents store".

I snapped at him.


"A Journal opened new door's of imagination and word's we couldn't even imagine like you" "could write in it for ever and not stop for anything".


"What about to use the bathroom and eating"? Cas said


"We need both of these things or we will die." I told him.


"It's makes our world's in our head be wild and free just putting the.

"Words on paper weather it's with a pen or pencil the word's will never" escape the pain of the old pages". "That's why I can't stop looking for it." I said back


"Okay." I get it he said


After 20 minutes of looking I gave up.


It was already night time.


Oh shoot the Christmas party I put on some warm clothes grab my beanie and ran out the door.


And knock on the door Meg answer it "Hi Sam" "Hi" I said back


"Are Dean and cass inside"? I said back


"Yup." she said back


"You can come in now." she said


I walked inside the house looking for Dean and Castiel It didn't take long to find them they were party table stuffing there face's with pies and sweet's.


"Hey Dean and cass cool  Christmas party." I said back



"I guess"  they both said back


"So are you two going to dance  with someone like yours crushes?" I said


"Not yet" cass said


"Oh that reminds me" dean said and then he walked away from us.


Dean's pov

"Charlie would you like to dance with me?" I said


"Sure"she said


I just took her hand and we danced on the dance floor.


As for Meg and castiel they where dancing as well.


Then a slow dance came on.


We could have been dancing for eternity until I saw a mistletoe above our heads hang on fishing wire.


"Hey look a mistletoe" Charlie said  we both looked up.


"This has Sammy name written all over it" I thought  in my head  I will be right back okay Charlie" I said


Sam pov


"Operation to get my bother"s crush's to fall in love with them is a go"

I looked back from the sofa "where's Dean?" I thought in my head.


"Hey Sammy" someone tapped me on the shoulder.


"Oh shit" I know Dean was going to give me a black eye he did and walked away.


The stars where also aligned again Meg and Cas had kissed but not Dean and Charlie.


They where both on the sofa watching tv also they was another mistletoe above there head.


Charlie kissed dean on lips he also kissed back!


"Yes operation complete" I said to myself.


Garth just gave me a fist bump and I just hugged him for he hugged back.


All I wanted for Christmas was to see Cass and Dean fall in love as for me I want a candy bar.


After a few minute's Garth got the keys in his pocket and handed them to Dean.


"Let's go to the CoffeeHouse shop to celebrate Christmas." he said


"Sounds like a good idea." Ellen said


We all got into the car and drove down to our destination.


~19 weeks later~


Dean married Charlie and Cass married Meg we where all one big happy family.

Garth got a new job as a comedian with his sock puppet Mr Fizzles. 

as for Ellen  the Coffee House shop.

It was getting really popular... then someone disturb me from my thoughts.


"Hey Sammy" dean yelled from downstairs.  "What  Dean is it?"  I yelled back "It's your turn to take out the trash." he said back " "ok let me finish this last sentence." I said back " "ok" he said back.


As for Bobby he moved into our old house we have a new house  with a good view of the Coffee House. I ran downstairs to take out the trash.


The journal then closed by itself as sunlight  glistens on it.

The End


























































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