A Megstiel and a Dean x Charlie AU (Alternate Universe).
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More brief description : A young boy named Sam Winchester find's his old high school Journal �� in an old chest drawer he opens it up to where all the pages are blank then remember that this is the one he.

Lost back in high school he runs upstairs to his room to write the unfinished chapters
of last year's Christmas Eve but with twist.
It all started with my two bothers falling in love with two girls....
PS I do not own Supernatural, It's owned by Eric Kripke. Only this fanfic is owned by me not the characters that is owned by Eric Kripke. And the poem's at the end belong to me.
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2. Chapter 2: The Black Puppy On My Doorstep



Sam pov


I woke up with the sound of bird's chirping and something hot on my back

I rolled out bed beside the window.  "ow that hurts"  "Dean Cass!?" I said they was no reply call  "Dean Cass" I said one more time.

Still no replay  I got up and walked downstairs  no one was there expect  someone made breakfast.  I looked at the card.

 Went  in to town to go see Uncle  Booby made you breakfast Garth. help me signed~ Dean.     

I just ate the breakfast they have made me then walked up stairs to brush my mouth.

 And wrote inside that old   journal  about  what happen about yesterday and today mostly about yesterday. 

I think Dean has a small crush on someone  and so dose Cass  aww they in love but blocking there feeling. 

Sigh and they called me weird  then I closed the  journal and sighed  and looked out the window.  


For a minute I saw our next door neighbor Crowley holding a box with something in it  until.

I heard the doorbell ring "wonder what he wants my mind?" thought I walked down  and got the door  "What do you want Crowley"? I told him.

"I was in the neighbor and was wondering if you want this black dog.?" he said 

Holding the box I look inside the box "there's nothing there" I said back to him.


"Here put on these glass" he said "ok" I said back  "do you see the puppy now"? he said back .


"Yup and it adorable and all but how can I see now."?  I  said 


"Glasses used in holy fire." he said  


"Do you wanted it"? he asked back.   I also wanted a dog "ok I will take it."


He handed me the box and the glasses and I close the door the little  black dog was sleeping.


I put the box down we should have some treats in the house  I looked in the pantry  to find  Purina Beggin Strips Bacon.  

I don't know why cass like them they for dogs not people.  

I open the bag and put like  four  piece of bacon in the box for I still had the glass's on it was asleep and opened one eye to look at me then looked at the bacon than fell asleep again.


I sighed  then walked up to my room  to finish yesterday entry it did not take to long for me  to get done Dean  and my others bother's where all ready home.  "Sam can you come down." Garth said

I walked downstairs "yes" I said  

'Where did you get the dog?" he said

"From Crowley" I said "you do know its a hellhound?" he said back.

"yup" I said back "but we can teach it to be good" dean said "its still a pup"cass said


"Can we please keep it?"  cass said  

"You guys this cottage is so small we have no space for a hound."   Garth said back to all of us.

"Bullshit" Dean said "we have 67 Chevrolet Impala in the garage."  


"That took up half of the space."  I add  

"See even sam agree's me Dean." add back

"Sigh" "that car has been in the family forever." he said 

"Fine you can keep it but what are you going to name it?" Garth said 

"Let's name it Delilah she is a girl  after all." I said back

"Ok welcome to the family Deliah."  cass said

  "I'm" going to make a copy of the glasses tomorrow." Gath said 

""Ok well I'm going to bed night guys." I said 

""Night Sammy." they all said 















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