Cognatio non Finis in Genus

What if Fred and George weren't exactly twins? What if they had a triplet sister?


2. Five years later

"Fred! Give me back my bear!" three year old Ron Weasley chased after his older brothers and sister.

"You'll have to catch it first!" five year old Fred called over his shoulder and tossed the bear to Jade. The girl ran out to the yard and tossed it to George. The three of them ran about, tossing it between themselves while Ron chased them, trying in vain to get he bear.

Ron eventually got fed up and tackled Fred, forcing him to drop the bear. Ron grabbed the bear and clutched it to his chest, burying his face in the fur. Fred glared at him from where he had fallen and the bear started morphing. It turned black and grew two extra sets of legs. Fred smiled and excepted George's help getting up after the bears transformation had completed. Ron opened his eyes and shrieked, throwing the bear-turned-spider into the air and ran into the house still shrieking at the top of his lungs.

Fred, George and Jade clutched their sides in laughter.

"FRED WEASLEY!! YOU, GEORGE AND JADE HAD BEST GET YOUR GROUNDED BEHINDS BACK IN HERE!" Their mothers yells snapped out of the kitchen and into their ears. The trio stopped laughing and stood completely still, contemplating the likeliness of her threat. It didn't take long for them to race back into the house to face her.

"Ronald says you turned his bear into a spider." Mrs. Weasley accused when they got to the kitchen, a sobbing Ronald pressing his face into her skirt.

"Fred did it!" George and Jade yelled in unison and pointed at their brother.

"He tackled me! And aren't you supposed to be proud? That was my first bit of accidental magic!" Fred said indignantly.

"It doesn't change the fact that you've probably scarred Ron for life." Molly snapped and George and Jade tried to slip back up to their room.

"You two are next." She pointed her wooden spoon at them and they stopped, turning back to face her.


"I don't care what Mum said. That was brilliant." George congratulated Fred as the three of them sat on Jade's bed. Fred and George were playing chess and Jade was watching, waiting to play winner.

"Ah, well, kinda figured we wouldn't be squibs, but who knows. You and Jade still haven't manifested." Fred pointed out and moved his bishop to take George's knight.

"Wrong. George manifested last night. He accidentally turned the sheets gold." Jade said, and George moved his pawn forward.

"Why didn't anyone tell me?" Fred asked and moved his bishop again.

"I was trying to keep it on the down low until I knew if we could change it back. Jade only found out because she was trying to short-sheet my bed. Check." George said and moved his pawn out of the way of his bishop.

"Check mate actually. You didn't notice you had him trapped from over here." Jade pointed  to both George's other bishop and his queen.

"Ah, thanks Jade. Alright, check mate then." George said and Fred rolled his eyes, rolling over to switch places with Jade.

"What about you Jade? You done anything out of the ordinary yet?" Fred asked while Jade and George set the board back up.

"Nah. But something's bound to come up eventually. I mean, it's not like I'm a Muggle or something." Jade said and moved her pawn forward two spaces.

"No, but you could be a squib." George pointed out.

"I don't think so. I think we would know by now if I was. Where'd Fred go?" Jade looked around.

"ARGHH!!" Fred popped up from the side of the bed, Ron's spider-bear sitting on his head. Jade squeaked and fell off the other side of the bed.

"So not cool Fred!" She said standing up and climbing back on the bed.

"No, but now your not a squib! You made your headband disappear!" Fred said, climbing back onto the bed as well. Jade looked on the floor where she had fallen.

"Nope. It's down there." Jade reached down to grab it. Fred pushed her off the bed, "FRED WEASLEY! What was that for?!" Jade yelled and glared at her brother.

"Darn, I thought that one would work." Fred said and George's eyes widened in surprised shock.

"Dude. It did." George said and Jade smiled as she also caught sight of the growing wisp of smoke coming from Fred's red hair.


How to short-sheet a bed:

You will need:

- to know how to make a bed the old fashioned way, with tucked in sheets

- a bed
- someone who won't be overly offended by this

How to:
- start to make the bed, positioning the sheet so it's tucked in at the head of the bed instead of at the foot
- smooth the sheet down towards the foot of the bed, about halfway down, fold it back to the head of the bed
- finish making the bed
When you are finished, they shouldn't be able to tell just by looking at it that it has been short sheeted.

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