Cognatio non Finis in Genus

What if Fred and George weren't exactly twins? What if they had a triplet sister?


1. April First

Molly and Arthur Weasley walked up to the Burrow, two bundles in Molly's arms and two suitcases following Arthur. The chilly evening air did nothing to hide their happiness as the couple walked up to their home. Arthur held open the gate for his wife and the two made their way up to the door. Molly waited for Arthur to open the door, and looked down for a moment. What she saw there on the ground at her feet made the smile slip off her face.

"Arthur, will you please take Fred?" Molly handed him one of their infant sons and bent down to pick up what had been left on their porch while they were gone. It was a baby. A small baby girl, no more than a few days old, with tiny blonde curls starting on her little head.  She was wrapped in a pale green blanket and a letter was tucked in one of the folds. Molly left the note where it was for the moment and turned to Arthur.

"Who would leave a newborn on someone's doorstep?" Arthur asked and the couple walked inside.

"I don't know, Arthur. We can't do much about it now though."

"You want to keep it don't you."

"Her, and she's staying at least for tonight. It's to late to do anything till tomorrow."

"Alright, and I can see if I can find anything at work tomorrow." Arthur agreed. They took the three upstairs to the nursery. Having only known about two, they laid Fred and George in one crib and the girl in the other.

"I'll go make some tea, and something to eat." Arthur said and went back downstairs. Molly pulled the letter from the folds of the baby's blankets and opened it, sitting back in the rocking chair in the corner of the room to read it.

Dear Molly,

Lucius has joined the death eaters, and I realize that I probably should have seen that coming, but here we are. This is Jade. If you want to change the name go ahead, I really don't have a right to name her, I wasn't even brave enough to try raising her. She was born  on March 31st, but super late at night, so she might have actually been born on the first. Anyway, I didn't know who else to go to, and I just hope that you'll keep her. The only request I have is that you keep her as far away from the dark arts as possible.

Thank you so much,

Narcissa Malfoy

Molly finished reading the letter and walked over to look at the baby girl in one of the cribs. She was sleeping at the moment, like Fred and George. Molly hadn't had a moment to take her out of her blankets, so she had no idea if she needed to pick up baby cloths now or if she could get them in the morning. Jade's silvery whips seemed odd compared to the hundreds of redheads that filled both her and Arthurs family's.

Molly sighed and slipped the letter into the back of the top drawer of the nursery's dresser and went to join Arthur downstairs.

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