You're A Hurricane.

Different people.
Different feelings.


1. You're My Hurricane.

Your eyes remind me of the rain, and right now, I am soaked. You're a hurricane, and I am drawn in, unable to willingly escape.


You're not okay. I see the lies painted upon your soft, beautiful features. The sadness in your eyes hang like a guilty man. If I was to live backwards for a day- Maybe you would finally smile at me.


Let me be your only one, I begged to you. Let this feeling of loneliness disappear like you are the sun and I'm a puddle on a hot day.

"Do not trust people like me with something as fragile with as your heart." I knew she was telling the truth. But she was worth a broken heart.

"I will take you to the most beautiful place you can every imagine, so that you may never return without tasting me in your mouth like blood. I will destroy you in the most beautiful way you can imagine. Like a storm, I will take you and spit you out."

You made me understand why storms were named after people.

Maybe you reject my love because you're afraid of happiness? You're afraid of my breaking down the walls of that lightless cage you've trapped yourself in, and rebuilding a house with windows so you can see how beautiful you are.


Maybe, and maybe only then, you will realise how I can be completely in love with every part of you.


From head to toe.

From inside out. 


You're a hurricane.
You're my hurricane.

And if loving you means being completely, and utterly destroyed-

Then let my heart be wrecked. 

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