Wherever You Are

This is not your average love story...what if you have feeling for someone and they feel the same but all they do is date your friends, and you decide to date one of his friends, what happens then?

Alayna is starting to have a severe crush on her best friend, sadly all he does his date her friends, first her sister then Mackenzie. Alayna is tired of being alone and having no one to go to after she's been bullied at school, so what happens when she goes to his best friend? Will he come back for her or will they finally move on.


9. The Date Thing Again...Really?

“And were going in circles again and again”

Alaynas Pov

I wake up to be blinded by sunlight and the smell of bacon. I sit op realizing that i'm in my bed and not on my couch. I rub my eyes and throw on my dairy queen sweatshirt and my cow slippers, i grab my kenny the koala, i feel like a little girl again, it's pretty nice if i do say so myself. I mean i always was a child within. “Morning Ash!” I yell as i go into the bathroom.

“Morning little nugget!” I put my bead head hair into a messy bun and i put my lip ring back in, yes i have a lip ring,it barely hurt when i got it. I then run downstairs, desperate for bacon.

“Do you want some ba-” I grab the bacon and begin scoffing it down.

“Con” ashton finishes staring at me.  

“Better take some bacon before i eat it all.”

“Okay” He says grabbing 6 slices and putting them on a plate.I get up taking another slice and opening the fridge taking out the apple cider.

“Want some?”

“No thanks i’d like orange juice tho.”

“Eww is that vegemite? Why is in my fridge?” I say as i open the fridge so can get Ashton's juice.

“It's probably your sisters”

“Maybe,i didn't know she ate that shit.”

“Hey that may be offensive to me”

“You eat vegemite?”
“NO but maybe i'd like it if i tried it.”

“Try it.”

“I'm good, later though.”

“Fine but you are gonna try it!”

“Okay okay!”

“What are you doing today?” I ask

“I'm going to fright fest wanna come?”

Yeah sure i might leave early depending on how tiered i am.”

‘Same we’ll leave at like 12 since there's a carnival”


“Exactly  it already 10 so go get ready”

“Okay sounds good ill be back.”


I change into a acid wash blue skinny jean, a Panic! At the Disco ‘crop’ top, leather buckled combat boots and my slick black leather jacket, i put fake glasses on because i like having something on my face, i throw on my bracelet that Ashton and Luke got for me for my birthday and i but in my black beanie. I grab my phone from the desk and i slide it in my pocket, also grabbing my headphones and gloves since it's going to be freezing tonight. I run downstairs and back into the kitchen. “How much money do i have to bring?”

“Zero, I’ll pay for you” Ashton says putting his plate in the sink.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes love im sure.”

“Okay I’ll pay you back after.”

“Uh no you're not.”

“Okay Miss. Sassy pants.”

“I’m not a girl!” Ashton whines

“So, are the guys going?” I ask, after our small quote on quote argument.

“Yep. They've got their girlfriends with them too.”

“Oh so it's that date thing again.” Is say trying not to sound angry, remembering what happened last time.

“Yes it is…”

“Okay i'll have to find a date..done myself.”

“No, cause you already have a date.”

“No i didn't…” i say confused.

“Yeah,  you do,me you idiot”

“ Oh.Ohhhhh. wait.” I point at him then me. “A date?”

“Aww thanks for asking! I'd love too!”

“Wait? Wha- nevermind”  Looks like i'm going on a date with my friend who's friends with my crush who's dating my friend who's crushing on Ashton, wow.

“When are we going?”

“In like 30. Or we can go now and get dunkins”


“Woah calm down, why so hyped?”
“They dunkins boy looks like Zayn Malik!”

“Cool maybe it is him”

“No i’d know..im a huge fan sweetie.” I grab his hand “C’mon let's go!!”

“I’m coming! I'm coming!” i drag Ashton out the door and we get into his range rover. I shove the keys into ignition.

“God you’re desperate.”

“Oh i know” he pulls out of the driveway and buckles up. He drives down the road holding the steering wheel at the 10 and 2 position.

“ What a good boy”

“Shh  I'm driving,  hush”

“ Okay that dadda”  I say in a baby voice. “ Can you put the radio on?” He puts it on Kiss 108  and treat you better is on.

“Yep , are you a fan of him too?”

No i just think this song can relate to you because you want to be with Michael.

Why are we wasting time when you can be with me inst-” I cut him off.

“Remember what happened last time…”

“Oh sorry, i forgot.”

“It's okay i mean i love you i hate you reminds me of it to just small phrases like you want her you need her and ill never be her. We pull into the parking lot and Ashton slowly takes the jingling keys out of the ignition.

“What do you want love?”

“What do you want..i need to think.” I say as i open my car door and we literally run into Dunkin Doughnuts. “Ooo coffee cake. Ooo a macchiato!” Ashton goes up to ‘Zayn’ and orders;

“Um a medium hot coco and a 12 glazed munchkins”

‘And for your girlfriend?” Woah sweetie, dont assume.

“Oh were not-” Ashton cuts me off

“Um she’ll take a coffee cake muffin and a caramel macchiato, medium with extra caramel whole milk, hot and no whipped cream.” He swipes his card and signs the pad, going to the pick up line, grabbing my hand and taking me with him.”

“Why did you cut me off” I snap angrily, see what anger issues can make you do, you get so mad at the littlest things.

“Well he didn't have to know that we weren't in a relationship, and i was just ordering.”

“Yeah but the fact that he called me your girlfriend and you had no reaction and you stayed quiet doesn't make me very happy.”


‘Oh Alayna I know we’re not dating but i had to order! There were people behind us” I mimic what he would say. “And i didn't want to be late to-” He grabs my face and put his lips extremely close to mine, one little move and i have my first kiss with my friend, who's basically my brother.

“Would you please shut up!”

“Dont yell..”

“I'm not yelling love, i'm sorry i know i should've said something.”

“Yeah, you should be.” I laugh “and dude i'm sorry i got a pissy at you.”

“Nah its okay, thats happens to everyone besides i'm used to it because of you and Michael.”

“Very true you knew him forever and me for a while.”

“Anyway...i do not sound like that! Your such a bad impersonator..you legit sounded like.

“There were people behind us” his voice is like a gay guy..

“Are you making fun of me now of what i sound like?”

“God stop. Its funny but stop. And get out of my face.”

“Why? Do you like it, i know you do, getting all this beauty..”

“Maybe i do, but i really want my stuff.”

“Oh yeah me too, sorry” He moves his face and grabs the stuff handing me mine, I take a bite of my muffin and moan in happiness, “”dont moan in public it's rude, god you're so much like Michael.”

“Yeah and you a lot like a dad.” I sass at him, opening the car door. His facial expression drops, giving me a look. “Sorry its because you're the oldest and most responsible. I go on, getting Ashton annoyed.

“Just get in the car so we can get going.”

“Okay, where are we meeting everybody?”

“Either the ferris wheel or the main entrance.” I turn the radio onto XLO, i love that we get my American radio stations.

“Are we going on that?”

“If you want to, the guys are planning to do something when they are on there.”

“What are they gonna do?” I ask snoopily, Ashton catching onto it.

“Well then, Calum is gonna ask Brooke out, Luke's gonna give Megan her first kiss, and Michael’s gonna ask Kenzie to meet his mum and dad and he’s gonna give her a promise necklace that looks like a slice of pizza.”

“Thats nice.” I say, trying not to sound jealous.

“What do you wanna do on there?” Ashton asks, I guess he’s foreshadowing something.

“Nothing.” His smile fades into a flat line.

“I dont really fancy them, only at night because it's actually pretty.”

“Great! ‘Cause that's when they're going on we’ll go on it before we leave, we can all leave together and we’ll stop and get pizza.”

“Okay...Pizza at midnight, that's amazing.”

“Pizza is great all the time….so is spaghetti.” He drives down the road, taking byways to avoid any traffic. We stop at a red light, next to a girl whose blaring ‘Safety Pin’. Ashton looks at her and screams.

“Throwing rocks at your broken window only you can cure my sickness.” She turns her head and claps her hand over her mouth. He smiles and waves, with her shakily waving back. The car lurches forward when the light turns green (obviously) sending me forward, my seatbelt locking, holding me in a tight hug.

Easy on the gas sweet cheeks.”

“Sorry about that, it happens, you just press the pedal to hard.”

“Yeah it happens to me all the time.” He does a u-turn (sending me into him...hello) onto a dirt road that leads to the park.  I begin to have over obsessive thoughts.




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