Wherever You Are

This is not your average love story...what if you have feeling for someone and they feel the same but all they do is date your friends, and you decide to date one of his friends, what happens then?

Alayna is starting to have a severe crush on her best friend, sadly all he does his date her friends, first her sister then Mackenzie. Alayna is tired of being alone and having no one to go to after she's been bullied at school, so what happens when she goes to his best friend? Will he come back for her or will they finally move on.


6. Party..well for them anyway.


“Who am i? Who am i? Invisible”



‘Oh love, were having a party Sunday, Halloween party wanna come?”

“This Sunday?”


“Sure i'll get something tomorrow morning.”



I finally pick something, an actual dress… but i still had to add some punky stuff. 

It's a maroon dress that's shredded at the bottom, i have black leggings, short black boots- not stripper heels if that's what you're thinking. Black finger less gloves, my wristbands and a black leather jacket. To top that off i do a smoky eye and I do boxing braids, my hair is now a galaxy colour, or just black and purple.


I call up Ashton when its quarter of 8, yeah late party…

“Hey can you pick me up now i'm too lazy to drive.’

‘Sorry love i can't i gotta pick up the lads and their dates.”

“Oh so it's where you bring a date?”


“Oh, um will myself count?” I say, hoping Ashy with be my ‘date’

“Yeah that’ll be fine, your friends are going so you can hand out with meggs, unless she finds a date if you know what i mean.”

“Ew Ash that's nasty thanks for the image.”

“Sorry, i gotta go the boys are being obnoxious see you later babe.”

“Ya, see ya.” I hang up, sliding my phone in my pocket.


I head inside where the music is blaring, a Twenty One Pilots song, Lane boy. People walk past me, even the lads as if i’m invisible. I go to the kitchen where Ashton is talking to freakin Josh Dun holy balls.

“Hey Ash..”

“Hang on Josh let's go outside i barely can hear you.”

“Okay but i think your friend is tr-”

“My friends are in the living room nobody else is here.” Ouch.

“ASH!” I yell trying to get his attention, he just grabs Josh's wrist, who doesn't think i'm invisible, and drags him outside. I grab a soda and just swirl it around im not in the mood for anything. I aimlessly walk around the empty kitchen, stepping over empty beer bottles, yeah in Australia the legal drinking age is 18, crazy. 

Since i grew up in America i'm still gonna follow their drinking age, i dont wanna mess up if i ever go back there. I just walk outside, getting some fresh air, then i see Michael and Mackenzie kissing, he used his first kiss on her. I shove past them, they didn't even move, fuck i am invisible, i hop into my older car, a  black cadillac. And i rest my head on the steering wheel, i take out my phone and finish the quote i was writing.

‘Love the people who saw you when you were invisible to everyone” that's for Joshy

And mine is ‘’It would be too easy to say that i'm invisible. Instead i feel painfully visible and entirely ignored.”

I put my key in ignition and back up, asking siri to send a message.

‘Thanks for hanging with me at the party, i appreciate being your ‘friend’’ i make her send it and i slam my phone down, you'd be angry and sad too but probably not to extent i have anger issues. The car chokes down the motorway, like i said it's an old car that my grandfather gave to me before he passed away. To calm myself, I turn on kiss 108. And of course ride came on, Lit whenever i turn the radio on it's playing it's like they know i love TOP.  

I blare up the radio and sing along. I wish I’d gotten a picture with Josh but im not going back there, I honestly dont even like parties. When ride ends, This Town by Niall Horan comes on. You see, Louis found the 5SOS lads in 2011 but they turned down the opening shows so they could finish school. Now that One Direction is having a reunion tour, Louis asked again, the finally agreed, even though that means they have to be a University dropout. They won't have to be a venue/youtube band anymore, they’ll be even more famous than they are now, well maybe so far they have like 2m fans, or followers/ subscribers.  Anyway i let my fan cries come out, This Town is so well written and sang that it puts me in a emotional state. Halfway through the song, my car begins to make strange noises, I look at my fuel gage, it's still full so it's not running out of gas. I press harder on the gas pedal but it doesn't go any faster, sighing, I pull onto the breakdown lane so i can call a tow truck, or tow company whatever you call it. I turn off the ignition and take out my phone, turning it on. I stare in shock, my batters at 2% with a notification saying- replace car battery Friday- I fucking missed my appointment, my cars dead and my phones about to die, 3,2,1 and bye bye battery, so now I can't call for help. Ugh I dont wanna walk 4 miles to get to my house, but i have no choice.  I grab my coat, a flashlight that i had in my glove box, and my Mp3 player, I get out of my car into the FREAKIN RAIN and begin walking, putting my headphones n, shuffling my playlist and locking it so the song won't accidentally change over. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” I say to myself as Invisible comes on, by 5SOS there first professionally recorded (with a manager they normally just recorded at a studio with some DJ or w)  song for their 2nd album, god did is literally my song i was already missing before the night i left just me and my shadow..”  Them damn psychics. Michaels probably the most psychic, i mean he like predicted is future.  In a baby picture he was ‘singing’ and ‘playing’ guitar. I start a jog, my mp3 player just died and i'm beginning to get  uncomfortable. Luckily theses boots got no heels on them, there just basically combat boots. Headlights then shine over me, engulfing me in a bright white light. I’m too young to die! I joke to myself.

‘’You need a ride love?” A voice asks






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