My Adventures In Kanto

Pokemon Trainer Leaf is starting her journey today, in the Region of Kanto. She goes on a "quest" to be the best Trainer, and she meets lots of people and Pokemon. Many dreams, adventures, and friendships await for her. ---A Pokemon Red&Blue Fanfiction--- Panda Of Fyre


3. Part 3: My First Capture

I went inside, opening the door, noticing Mom sitting at the kitchen table, sipping coffee and eating cookies. 

Fushigidane scampered up to her, looking up at her with bright eyes, wanting a cookie.

"Bulba~! Saur~!", he said, pawing at her ankle.

She laughed and held a cookie in her hand, and Fushigidane gobbled it up.

I stood back, smiling. Then, when my Pokemon begged for more, I scooped him up, and he settled in the crook of my arm a little reluctantly, still wanting another cookie.

Mom smiled at me. "Hello, Leaf. How has your journey been so far?"

I sighed. "Fine. I just wanted to stop by one more time before I'm gone for good."

She nodded. "Honey... just remember. With Pokemon by your side, you can surely do anything." Then she blew out a breath.

"Just... come back one day, all right?"

I nodded, sorta sad. 

Mom then reached for a bag on the counter, handing it to me. "Here. The cookies your Pokemon was begging for a minute ago. I want you to have them."

"Thank you, Mom," I said, my voice shaky.

Then Mom started pushing me towards the door. "Well, now go! You can't let your adventure wait any longer!"

I stepped outside, turned to Mom, and waved before she shut the door.


Sighing, I turned and walked towards Route 1, and was about to step in the grass when I heard."Wait!"

My mother came up, breathing hard.

"I'm sorry. I almost forgot to give you something."

I put Fushigidane in one arm took the shoes from her with my free hand. The tag said Running Shoes!

I slid them on. They looked exactly like my old shoes, just newer, cleaner, and more durable.

Mom smiled. "Now, go!" She waved and went back towards the house.

Happy, I started running through the grass, my hair flying behind me. I clutched my Pokemon to my chest, and he fell asleep.

As I neared a corner, I heard a rustling and slowed down. I glanced around, confused as to where it was coming from.

"Geeeyyy~!", a bird-like Pokemon swooped from the sky, crying out. I quickly opened my PokeDex.

A Pidgey!

Excited, I set Fushigidane down, who was ready and standing at attention.

The Pidgey floated i the air, flapping in wings slightly to keep it afloat. It glared at my Pokemon determinedly. 

All pumped up, I cried out, "Fushigidane! Use Vine Whip!"

A rope-like vine whipped towards Pidgey, slashing at it. The Attack hit, causing Damage.

Then the Pidgey's beak started to glow and sharpen, and it charged at Fushigidane, beak first.

Peck Attack.

As it slashed its beak at my Pokemon, he cringed from the pain, but withstood the attack.

Then, when Pidgey was distracted, I called out, "Fushigidane! Use Sleep Powder!"

A blue dust spoofed from the bulb on Fushigidane's back, sticking onto Pidgey. Pidgey fell to the ground, Asleep.

I took an empty PokeBall from my bag and threw it at Pidgey. 

One... two... three... Click!

Pidgey was Caught!

I ran over to the fallen PokeBall, holding it in my hands.

Then I pressed the button. 

Pidgey appeared in a flash of red, but was Asleep still. 

I returned her, then scooped up Fushigidane, putting him in my bag. I headed for Viridian City.

My first Capture. A Pidgey. But before we can celebrate, Pidgey  and Fushigidane need healing.


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