My Adventures In Kanto

Pokemon Trainer Leaf is starting her journey today, in the Region of Kanto. She goes on a "quest" to be the best Trainer, and she meets lots of people and Pokemon. Many dreams, adventures, and friendships await for her. ---A Pokemon Red&Blue Fanfiction--- Panda Of Fyre


2. Part 2: The Package

As we were walking, Fushigidane romped around, checking out all the trees and plants. 

I laughed and picked up the bulky Pokemon, and he settled into the crook of my elbow, immediately falling asleep.

As I walked through the grass, I looked around, holding Fushigidane close as I realized wild Pokemon could appear.

Hurrying, I continued moving. 

 Soon I reached a pathway, and I saw a person up ahead wearing a Pokemart uniform. A Vaporeon was by his side.

When I approached, he turned and waved. "Hey!", he called. 

I shook Fushigidane awake, and I set him down. He sniffed the man's shoes.

The man patted Fushigidane's head, and turned to me, all cheery. The Vaporeon was now sniffing Fushigidane.

"Hello, young one! I work at the Pokemon Mart! PokeMart for short. Would you like a free sample?"

Before I could answer, he shoved a blue bttle into my hands, then waved and walked towards Viridian City, the Vaporeon following behind.

I looked down at the bottle. I recognized it to be a Potion, used for healing Pokemon. 

Fushigidane pawed at my ankle, eager to get going.

"Bulba~! Saur~!", he said impatiently.

I laughed and scooped him up, then continued walking.

Soon, I saw the tops of buildings up ahead. I hurried, almost running, as I got closer.

Finally, after a few minutes, we reached the edge of Viridian City, and I walked towards the PokeMart, since it was the first thing I saw. For some reason, my feet walked inside, my instincts said to go there.

As I went inside, a female clerk waved me over. 

"You're from Pallet Town, right? Would you take this package back to Pallet Town? It's an order for Professor Oak that just came in."

I smiled, set Fushigidane down, and took the package putting it under my arm. "Sure. I'll take it back to him."

She nodded. "Please come back this way after you deliver it. I have something that would help you out on your journey."

I said I would, then left the building, Fushigidane following behind. 

As we walked back towards Pallet Town, I started towards the lab, and stepped up to the door, knocking the door.

Professor Oak answered, and his eyes widened when he saw me there, obviously wondering why i was back here instead of on my Pokemon journey.

I held up the package. "The PokeMart from Viridian City wanted me to give you this, sir," I said.

His face brightened. "Oh, my mail finally came! Please, come in!"

He takes the package from my hand and walks towards the back. 

I scoop up Fushigidane and follow Oak, and in the back Blue was standing there, as well, Charmander on his shoulder. It looked much happier.

Oak turned to us, clearing his throat. 

"All right, kids. I have an important request for you two. Here, on this table, are two Pokedexes."

He gestures towards a table behind him where two red, shiny, sleek devices laid, looking brand new.

Oak continued,"I want you to both take one, and complete them. It would help my research immensely. I need you two to fill it up with all the Pokemon in the Kanto Region."

He took the devices from the table and handed one to Blue, then one to me. 

I ran my fingers along the shiny device, then flipped it open, powering it on. The screen brightened, then Bulbasaur's complete Data came up.

Awed, I closed the device. 

"Thank you so much, Professor", I said. "I'll do my best to complete it!" 

Oak smiled, nodding. Then recognition came to his face as he remembered something. 'Oh! Almost forgot!'

He opens the package and pulls out ten PokeBalls. He handed us five each. 

"These will help you out. They are used to capture Pokemon, but you know that already. They will help you fill up your Poedexes."

I smiled and nodded, clipping the PokeBalls on my bag beside Fushigidane's ball.

I turned to Oak, grinning. "Thank you, Professor."

I give him a quick hug, then run out the door, waving Bye. Fushigidane followed behind.

I walked towards my house without realizing it. My feet just took me there, and before I realized it, I was standing at my front door. 

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