Limited Edition

Stuff I've seen happen or have happened to me that I put into poetry.

I might make it seem like it's in the far past too, just for fun.

(p.s. I'm not goning to tell you guys which poems actually happened to me or when I'm telling it from the first point of view of someone else)


1. The Ball

The Ball


Once upon a time

In a land far, far away

I used to live in a huge castle

Maybe before you’ve heard me say

Now let me tell you ‘bout the girl

Who I fell in love with on one day




I ran into her walking, across the hall

Didn’t give the instance a thought at all

Or so it seemed, to the common villagers

The fools, the farmers, not to mention the pillagers




To no one I told

About my plight

For if I did

It would be fight or flight


For upon that day

In a land far away

I ran into a foreign girl

Who asked me there to stay


Asked me to stay with her

For good, or for nay

But then some old fool

Led her astray


I call him a fool,

This old friend of mine,

Who worked with his tools,

But worked not with his mind


Although I make him,

Seem bad in the verse,

I can really quite tell you,

He’s not as bad as you’ve heard


He’s been my friend,

When no one was there,

But sometimes you can’t

Give him clues through the air


No signs nor language

At all did he hear

For he was distracted

And only half here


Let me backtrack

To the story on hand

And will now tell you,

What went on with our band.


Me, him, and Jordan,

Who is our other friend too,

Walked into a ball,

Colored orange and blue


Soon was thanksgiving,

Today was the ball,

And all through the town,

Was rejoicing of all


But me and my friend,

Who tried the stone door,

When we tried it again,

We could see now the floor


The floor inside was

Of yellow decor,

And we soon began to worry

That our manner was too poor


For both us, tonight

Had one to impress,

For him, one named Gwen

For me Mary Jess.


And when we arrived,

And saw the absence of Gwen,

Stan was distressed,

This Stan was my friend


When Stan and I,

Walked forth to the dance,

We became rather nervous,

We exchanged twice a glance


For across the floor,

There stood Mary Jess,

The girl I had met,

My heart thumped in my chest


Then Stan moved forward,

I had no choice but to follow,

And as we drew near to her,

My head felt hollow


I didn’t know what to say,

Nay nothing to speak,

For I was quite troubled,

My stress at its peak


Not just of the ball,

Which we had recently arrived,

I had private problems with the public,

And they flashed before my eyes


Coming back to reality,

My head cleared slightly,

I tried to start a conversation,

And we began to talk lightly


After a few songs,

Played by the merry band,

They played, the next, a slow song,

And for this dance I asked her hand


It went quite well,

This time, I think,

And even with my stress,

I stayed with her and all night long we danced, and danced and danced.


But maybe you remember

I mentioned earlier a Stan

And of course why would I be writing this

If no problem was at hand


Now Stan, the awkward, vulgar sort

Just kidding, ‘tis a jest!

Began to dance quite strangely

With the beautiful Mary Jess


Now I swiftly approached him,

But when I arrived he dabbed his face,

With the handkerchief in his pocket,

Still I, mostly, maintained grace


I hinted quite loudly,

As I was mentioning before,

No signs nor language did he hear,

Getting his attention was a chore


After trying for a great long time

At last I gave up my hope,

I stalked off to the refreshments bar

And all alone I began to mope


Now at the bar, off to the side

I glanced back now and then,

Right by the port, the water,

Stood a crowd of gentlemen


I chatted with them for just a bit

My mind still occupied,

And after a small conversation,

The talking began to subside


Leaving the group of merry souls,

The gentlemen by the port,

I gathered up my courage,

And once again I crossed the court


I was but only halfway there

When a hand came upon my shoulder

It was Jordan, son of Jay

Who to me, of course, is the older


He greeted me and left,

He disappeared again,

I pondered where he goes,

why he paces, as if trapped in a pen


I arrived at the corner,

With Mary Jess and Stan,

I stood, talking, and waiting

For I, for once, had a plan




I was uneasy though,

For three times before,

Danced Mary Jess with Stan,

But mustering my hope and luck,

I stayed the spot on the floor,

My plan was for the final song,

The finale, no more, no less

Then once more

I would ask for the hand

Of the lovely Mary Jess




Alas, the final song approached

The final song grew near,

And as the finale drew so nigh

So did my awful fear


I kept my eye on Mary Jess

I didn’t want to make a mistake

For if I lost her on the final dance,

What a laughingstock I would make


The band slowed down,

So did my heart, I thought that I would die

But I looked once more at Mary Jess,

And decided I would try


I walked up to Mary Jess,

Looking as pretty as can be,

And not once, but thrice!

I asked if she would dance with me


But she heard me not,

Maybe her thoughts were far away,

But she realized quickly, the final dance

The band was beginning to play


She looked up and around,

My heart sped up, my hopes ever so high

But she asked of Stan, to dance this dance,

And my hopes fell from the sky.


Alone I sat, In the corner then,

Counting the seconds gone by,

If only I could be a warlock,

Away then I would fly


But alas, no magic do I have

And I waited till the end

Of the final dance, no more, no less,

And walked up to my friend.

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