Limited Edition

Stuff I've seen happen or have happened to me that I put into poetry.

I might make it seem like it's in the far past too, just for fun.

(p.s. I'm not goning to tell you guys which poems actually happened to me or when I'm telling it from the first point of view of someone else)


2. Just me

Just me


Hello again

Yes It’s me

It’s just me

Now once again

Of course

I’ve taken to writing

Depressing poetry

About my one friend

About my social life

About my love life

About the lack of all

Of that whole list

No hugs

No kisses

I feel deprived

But still

Of course

I keep going

I know by now

You’re thinking

Dude, you’re not

Even rhyming

You can’t keep your




I know

Thank you

For noticing

At least you’re

Reading this

So why am I writing?

That’s the point

It’s just me again

Having to explain

What I’m writing about

Pretending to know you

Pretending to know me

Pretending I’m not okay

Pretending I am

And now that I’ve made it

This far, I wonder

If you’ve made it too

Some people who call me

Their friend

Would stop reading

Far before this

So now

Of course

After my repetitive


With lack of rhyme

I finally

Begin to decide

To let me go

To let me fly

But now

Even though you thought

That I was starting to make sense

I’m back now

It’s just me

It’s just me

I love a girl

I’m convinced

She’s convinced

I’m weird

She doesn’t know the half of it

But her friends

And my friend

Tell me she does

I want to believe

But at the same time I don’t

Because, once again

It’ll fail and I’ll be left here


By myself

Just me

I’m always arguing

In my free thoughts

In my head

Whether I should be alive or dead

Whether I believe that

Whether I even think that

I should

listen to my music

You might thinks it’s depressing

It makes me happy

Sorry the poem is so long

At least it not sappy

I cut all the extra

Out of my writing

Out of my life

It gets in the way

Creates problems and strife

And then, once again

It’ll be me

Just me

I always try so hard

She says just be myself

I’m not even sure what that means

Or if she would like me

If I was, of course

Just me.

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