Tracy hangs out with the "weird" kids and her new boyfriend from camp. Quinn hangs out with the "fangirls", who are obsessed with tumblr. Taylor hangs out with the popular cheerleaders, and her new boyfriend.

Will the trio be able to keep their summer friendships in tact when the new year comes, or will their differences get the best of them.


1. Chapter 1: Tracy

     "Junior year!" I squeal excitedly, as me, Quinn and Taylor walk (Or roll) the halls.  We go to our seperate classes.  I go on my phone before class starts.  "Can I sit here?" A familiar voice says.  "Yeah sure." I say, busily.  "Well you weren't like that at camp." The familiar voice said.  "Cam..." I look up to see my ex-boyfriend, we broke up because of long distance.  We dated at camp and we were the cutest couple ever.  "OMG!" I squeal excitedly, I attempted to jump out of my chair and hug him but physical therapy isn't doing well.  "What are you doing here Alex?"  I ask curiously.  "I was gonna ask you the same thing, I thought you lived in Italy?" he asked.  "Life was miserable there without... anywho, I moved to America, in with Quinn (He knew her) and we're best friends again.  "Well I missed you." He said, smiling with a goofy grin.  "Aww. I missed you too." I said, tapping his nose.  A senior girl walked up to us.  "Hey cutie.  Wanna sit with me?" She asked.  "No thanks, I'd rather sit with my girlfriend." We're back together.

       "TELL US EVERYTHING!" Taylor squealed.  "Chill Tay, so he was like 'Well you weren't like that at camp' and I was like 'Camp, what?' then he's all like 'LOOK AT ME!' and I attempted to do the jump into his arm thing." Quinn applies the pink blush on my face.  "But the chair held me back.  " "Again i'm so sorry!" Taylor exclaims.  "We're best friends Tay, relax." I say, laughing.  "What shade of lipstick?" Quinn asked showing me lipstick shades.  "That o-" "Well well well, if it isn't the weirdest trio of all time." The senior I saw earlier, said putting her hands on her hips.  "Britney?!" Taylor exclaimed.  "You guessed correct." 

       "Britney and Taylor, in the same room again?" Quinn says, taking a break from my make up.  "I thought this would never happen." I gasp.  "Shut up you handicapped little b-" "Hey, don't talk to my best friend like that!" Taylor said, defensively.  "Taylor st-" "Why did you ditch me for this handicapped little girl?" Brittney asked.  "Because she's a true friend! Something you wouldn't understand."  "Something I wouldn't understand? Taylor I was your best friend!" Britney whined.  Whitney and Lindsay come from behind her.  They put their hands on their hips.  I roll myself in the handicapped stall with Quinn.  "Oh my god that's crazy." I laugh.  "You notice..." She started.  Me and Quinn used to hide in the handicapped stall and by accident we created a line of a bunch of handicapped kids, it was because it was the biggest stall, but... now I actually need it.  "Hey. Quinn, don't feel bad." I put my hand on her shoulder.  "You know how much I hated gym." Me and Quinn laughed together like before we did when I went to Italy.

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