Still Heart


3. Investigate

       "What the hell?!" I jolt awake as I hear Emerson's voice boom through the house. I scramble around and stand up, trying to clean the mess I had made in the laundry room. "Ashley!"  He screams. 

"Coming!" I shout. 

I run through the kitchen and into the dining room. I look down the hall to see him standing there with his hands out. 

"Why is this house such a mess?" He shouts. I looked around frantically and held my left hand up 

"My ring. I lost my ring. But I found it." I say. I look at the diamond on my left ring finger. 

20 carrots on a silver band that has our anniversary engraved into it. 4 years ago, I said I do. Four years ago, we committed our lives to each other. Four years ago, we promise to be faithful.  

"I found it." I say. "I will clean it all up. I'm sorry." I hurry down the hall and push past him. I couldn't even look into his eyes. It was killing me. All I wanted to do was shove a knife into his heart so he could feel how I felt at the moment. 

"I will help." 

"No! You've done enough." I mumble. 

"What?" He says. 

Realizing what I had said, I turned around with a soft smile. 

"You've been working like crazy." I say with a shirt in my right hand. I walk to him  and stand in front of him. "Why don't you get a shower and go watch some golf?" I say, slowly undoing his tie. As I lift it over his head, I see a red lipstick stain on his shoulder. I could feel the fire rage through my body but I don't let it show. I unbutton his first button on his shirt looking into his eyes. "Or, you could come with me into bed." I say, unbuttoning another button. He smirks and huffs. 

"Really?" I nod. "We haven't had sex since the miscarriage." A burning sensation moves through my throat and I could feel my knees start to shake. 

"Yeah. Well, it's been a month. I"m ready." I say. I rap the tie around the back of his neck and slowly pull him further into the room with me. 

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