Butterfly Madness

Quite possibly one of my longest compositions....


1. Butterfly Madness



You can be remembered forever

Have your name on the tips of people's lips for all time

You can have real friends and feel safe

Or you can continue pretending that you're just fine 

And that you don't care that the world is bleeding 


[Verse 1]

the demise of your soul is a travesty 

but society's dead, it's a tragedy

it makes you mad to see all the ironies 

around yourself and your little conclave 

you waste your time by drowning in fallacies

that preach to you and make you become a vanity slave 

everyone's different from you but still the same cos it's easy to just follow blindly 

wear this skirt, this shirt, that dress and you'll look the best 

butterfly queens, butterfly kings, butterfly madness in your dreams.

pink tint, gold seams and all the nice things that you really, really want 

but you live so slowly and lose all your friends that you just can't 

wait to come to your senses, make a reality and feel good 

keep yourself in check when you face a bad mood 

or tempers rise upwards like a red, angry sunrise 

or float downwards all the way like the cold, grey moon

i'll light you a beacon to frighten the bottom feeders

cos Heaven loves you and protects you, your soul just needs a healer 

someone to repel the pain, heal the wounds and throw away the hate

change your fate in a minute, spin your fortunes in a heartbeat, so smile cos it looks so good on you

all these losers and pretenders, fakers and sinners don't have anything on you

just a few more sessions and you'll be butterfly royalty, see? 



when i'm lost in time

i just write rhymes 

i gaze at butterflies 

flying in rosy skies 

it's my butterfly madness 


[Verse 2] 

now brace yourself while i take you on a trip down memory lane 

when you were born the whole world went up in flame

you made friends, went to school and felt like you were the best 

had a boyfriend and all the things and all the rest 

but then it just evaporated and your mind was stimulated 

into a vacuum of dead energy and lost artistry 

the world around you fell into a cycle of violence and anarchy

7/7, 9/11, Belgium and Paris 

woah man, who's doing this?

bloody intentions are always for the worst people 

people die, mothers cry and countries heave under the weight 

of when humanity beats each other like a huge civil war 

might as well be a gangland fight in the street

power's so high so when it falls it's so so steep 

don't judge me anytime and don't stick me with a crowd 

i'm just a unique needle in a haystack that you found 

but i'll still protest against the hate and the miserable fate of people that stand 

but did you hear the guns when they shot into the crowd then everybody ran?

it's butterfly time 

so let me continue my important rhymes



when i'm lost in time

i just write rhymes 

i gaze at butterflies 

flying in rosy skies 

it's my butterfly madness 


[Verse 3] 

i write fairy stories but they're well established truths 

fashioned from myths they make me impassioned, its true

but truth is true so you should listen to me when i speak 

and when i'm lost in screams, everything clicks in a haze 

of madness and floral energies 

where's your future?

where are you going? 

knowledge is power so drown yourself in it like a shower 

rappers don't live in ivory towers 

or float about locked in shadowy rooms adorned with flowers

we're just violent poets that write all the time 

and convey messages in rhymes with a Machiavellian flavour 

like poison cyanide and long lines of ivy that itch your skin 

like a million pins tipped in fires that scour

butterflies flying around, flowers blooming in a crowd 

i wish it was so fine right about now 


[Hook X2]

when i'm lost in time

i just write rhymes 

i gaze at butterflies 

flying in rosy skies 

it's my butterfly madness 











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