Legs or Tales

A bottle washes up. It gets opened. You now have a sudden new visitor


1. News!

Toby's POV


I walk down the stairs after finishing my homework as I hear our local beach waves in a rythmic pattern making me wish for sleep. Almost done with my 6th grade year!I pass my brothers room who is of course on his research of the ocean. I knock before entering seeing him in his chair looking at the sound waves which I find very cool.

He looks up as I enter. "Hey Toby come listen to this."He said eagerly pulling me in beside him pointing at he screen. Sometimes I wonder who is the big brother.

I watch as he plays the echos of the dolphins from out back the other day . He wanted to try out his hydrophone so when the dolphins came through, then was the perfect time to try it out.

He played the recording at a regular speed watching me closely."Do you hear it?"He asked pausing it near the end.

I shook my head. "Just the dolphins chatter."I said confused.

He sighed slightly before tuning it and separating the sounds out.

He pointed to one of the recordings. "That is the near by ship yard,there is the dolphins,There is the waves from above and the t-waves below. Now listen to the dolphins more carefully I will play it slower for you."He said carefully.


I listen more carefully on the chatter but this time I hear something else. There is chatter going on but not like the dolphins. Almost like a child's laughter.

"What is it?"I asked looking at him curiously. He looked thoughtful for a second.

"It could be the neighbors party or a new dolphin or species. Now if we get mythological possibly mermaids."He said frowning slightly.

"What if it is mermaids? Do you think they are real?"I asked eagerly at the thought of mermaids being in our own back yard has my curiosity wandering.

He shrugged. "No. They do not exists, a myth. But for those who do then they can have at it."He said simply.

I just nodded looking at the screen curiosity and excitement building up inside of me.

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