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2. The best night of my life

We all have a kiss we will never forget, a phone call, even a night, this night was the best night ever. But I won't talk about the night since the events in the night didn't make it the best, it is the stuff before that made it the best. I had been in Mexico for 2 months. And my mom, sister and I went through a lot over there. Becky and Carla and Sara knew first hand since there were crisis calls, texts and even video calls. The drinking, the hurting and the depressing spiral. The worst part was not being able to see all of them for 2 months, especially Becky. She was the missing piece in my life and she genuinely cared about me. I had actually gone to a spot in Mexico closer to my home town and I was only gone for 4 days yet she cared so much about me going and missed me like crazy. It was evident because when I got back, she and I hugged like bears and we're happy to see each other. That was just 4 days, now onto the 2 months. She was the crisis call. I called her when my dad was being a jerk because he was drinking a lot. It was my first time there and I didn't want to see that, I wanted to spend time with my family and catch up with him. He made it easy to say goodbye, yes I missed him cause he is my dad but it wasn't as hard as the first trip. My family and I made it back home and the first person I message was Becky. God how I just wanted to see her but we wouldn't see each other until three weeks after I came back. Those three weeks were the hardest weeks ever because all I wanted was to see Becky again. I saw Carla and that was just amazing, and I saw other friends but I didn't feel complete, I still felt empty inside. Then the day came, the day I would see Becky again. I was super nervous, I wasn't sure why, it's not like we were online friends, but I guess I thought I would seem different to her. I came to her house, knocked on the door and anticipated her answer, her mom answered instead and I was relieved because I was freaking out. She invited me in and then I see Becky in my line of vision. We ran up to each other and she was sprinting. She sprinted, jumped on my shoulders and hugged me like there was no tomorrow. My shoulder hurt, my back was starting to hurt, but my mind and heart was happy. She was the missing piece I needed. It felt like the most amazing feeling ever. It was, oh god. I almost cried cause she was who I missed the most. The night was a blur in terms of events. I just wanted to spend time with her and my new buddy Hailey who witnessed some of the drama I went through. We just talked and talked and talked. It never felt more like home. That night made me come to a conclusion, I'm never leaving for more than two weeks ever again. I love my family in Mexico, I love my dad and uncles and grandparents, but the majority drinks and doesn't talk to me. Here, Becky talks to me, Hailey talks to me and we all genuinely care about each other without alcohol involved. Seeing Becky every day is amazing, but nothing will ever top that night. I truly came home that night and I will never forget that.

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