Are You Mine?

Just your average cliche 'good girl meets bad boy' fanfiction. You can deny it, but deep down we all need a little bit of cliche fanfiction.
// So I started writing this on Wattpad but it didn't really get noticed because I'm just a little fish in a big Wattpad sea. I sort of feel like I actually matter on Movellas because I got 100K READS ON FFTE (my most popular ff) DJDJJWJRBF, so I'm going to post this here and see the reaction and if it does well, I might continue writing it :).


4. Who needs food anyway?

Chapter 4

"Don't deny it!" Cameron slammed me against against the lockers and pinned me.

"I don't know what you're talking about!"

"YOU WERE STARING AT MY BOYFRIEND!" She screamed. I looked over her shoulder to see Luke just standing there with his arms folded. He knew exactly what was going on, but didn't do anything about it. This was humiliating.

"N-no I wasn't." I choked. She grabbed me by the neck and dug her long nails into my skin, re-pinning me against the lockers.

"Liar." She muttered.

"Cameron, let her go." I heard Luke say. Cameron groaned and instantly dropped me.

Luke walked up to me. "Don't EVER do that again, or you'll be sorry." He whispered in my ear. I felt tears filling up my eyes.

"Luke w-" I stuttered. He put his hand on my right shoulder and pushed me back against the lockers.

"Don't talk to me. You're an ugly whore." He said gritting his teeth. The tears left my eyes and rolled down my cheeks. They walked away with Calum, some guy with bright red dyed hair, and what I'm guessing is Cameron's minion. I heard Cameron giggle as they left.

I ran into the bathroom balling my eyes out. A girl with magenta hair came out of one of the stalls. "Oh my god! Are you ok?" She asked. I hesitated for a bit, and then slowly shook my head looking down. "What's wrong?" She said coming up next to me.

"It's Cameron." I answered.

"Oh god. What did you do?"

"Apparently I was eyeing her boyfriend, Luke. Wouldn't be surprised if I was without noticing though. He's... attractive."

"Oh yeah. She doesn't like that."

"Yeah, and the worst part is, Luke confronted me too." I sighed.

"I'm Daphne by the way." She introduced herself.

"I'm Skylar." I responded. She looked at me with her big medium brown eyes.

"Promise me something, if she ever touches you, punch her right in the face." She requested.

"Absolutely not." I laughed slightly. A wide smile grew across her face. I wiped away my tears.

"Ready to leave the bathroom?" She said, wrapping her hand around my wrist. I nodded. As soon as we left the bathroom, I saw Ashton and Lateisha looking around. "Where have you been?!" Lateisha said as soon as she saw me.

"She got in a bit of a cat fight with Cameron." Daphne answered for me. Lateisha and Ashton stared at each other in shock.

"What did she say?! Did she threaten you?!" Lateisha yelled.

"It's okay! They gave me a warning and that's it."


"Yeah, Cameron and Luke." Lateisha gave me a look of sympathy.

"I'm so sorry about Luke."

"It's fine." It really wasn't fine. I was still embarrassed and broken hearted that Luke spoke to me that way.

"What did you do wrong to make Cameron mad?" Lateisha asked.

"What do you mean?"

"You know, did you insult her, or act different-" I cut her off.

"Act different?"

"Yeah. She gave me a hard time because appearantly I'm 'different'."

"Whatever. It doesn't matter." I replied.

"It does matter!"

"Well I don't want to talk about it!" I accidentally yelled.

"Sorry." She mumbled.

"It's fine."


I looked in my mirror as I noticed the nail-shaped red marks Cameron left on my neck from earlier today. My bedroom door suddenly opened. I could tell it was Cassidy from the height of the figure I saw with the corner of my eye.

"Skylar! There's a treehouse in the garden!" She cheered. I decided I should probably check it out to make her happy.

I walked through the back door of the house and saw a large tree with a ladder. I climbed up the ladder. It went pretty far up. I finally reached the top. Cassidy was already sitting there, waiting for me. It was pretty roomy. There was a small window that had leaves cut away so there was a view. Cassidy had mattresses laid out on the floor. Her toys spilled everywhere. 

"Ok I'm gonna go now." I announced.

"Whyyy?" Cassidy moaned.

"I'll come back another time." I promised.

"Fine." She huffed. As I was about to enter the house again, I heard Liz call my name from next door. I walked to the wooden fence. "Skylar! Hi!" Liz cheered.

"Hello, Mrs. Hemmings!" I answered.

"Please call me Liz." She said laughing. I smiled and nodded. "You know, you and Luke are the same age."


"How about you two hang out after school tomorrow?" She offered. My eyes widened.

"Uh... Maybe you should ask Luke." I blurted out.

"Oh, I already asked him. He said yes!" He said yes?

"When exactly did you ask him?"

"Just after school today, why?"

"No reason!" I stormed off and just as I was going to enter my house I heard Liz call out "So is that a yes?!" I paused.

"Uh- yeah!" Fuck, this is going to be awkward.


"Alright. Time to unpack." I turned to my suitcase and unzipped it. I first pulled out all of the artwork I did when I was still in New York. I put my favorite ones on the wall, and the rest in a draw. I opened up a bag that was filled with my books, and put them on my shelf. I started to put my clothes into my cupboard. Eventually, I was done. I fell onto my bed.

"Skylar! Time to go to Luke's house!" My mother yelled from across the hall soon after I had finished. I sighed. I wasn't in the mood, even if Luke really did want to hang out with me.

I headed out of my house and I found myself knocking on his door. Liz opened the door and gave me a huge smile. "Come in!" She guided me to Luke's room. Luke was on his phone again. He didn't take his attention off it. Liz left. I sat across from him. "So w-"

"Shut up. You're only here because my mother made me hang out with you." He muttered, cutting me off.

"I was just gonna ask where the bathroom is." I lied.

"At the end of the hallway." He mumbled. I got up and went to the bathroom. I locked the door.

Of course his mom made him hang out with me. My eyes filled up with tears. I didn't mean to start crying, but in case you haven't noticed, I'm a huge cry baby. I needed to get over Luke; I only just met the guy. I heard a knock at the bathroom door. "What's taking you so long? I don't hear any pissing going on in there!" Luke yelled.

"Why do you care?" I responded. Luke didn't reply, I just heard silence. I slowly opened the door, hoping Luke had left. Luke was sitting against the wall and looked up at me. "You've been crying." Luke pointed out, getting up onto his feet.

"No I haven't." I lied.

"Shut up. Yes you have." Why on Earth did he care? He held my chin with one hand and just looked at me as if I was an unknown creature.

"Luke, stop it." I demanded, pushing him away.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean t-"

"Luke! Stop it!" I yelled, sounding angrier than intended. Luke walked back to his room. I dragged myself along after him, but made sure I had a distance between us. I finally reached Luke's room. He was sitting on his bed, but got up straight away. "I'm going out with Calum and Michael." He mumbled, walking to the door.

"So... you're just going to leave me here?" I asked.

"You can go back home if you want."

"I'm not supposed to go back until seven." I suddenly felt like I needed an excuse to hang out with him. My parents actually couldn't care less if I came home early.

"Fine. Come with me then." He sighed.
"I'm sorry for yelling at you before by the way." I muttered. Luke didn't reply, he just led me out of his house. We stood there in silence for five minutes, then a car pulled up in his driveway.

"Hey, Luke!" Calum yelled. Luke grabbed my wrist, and pulled me into the car.

"Who's this?" Calum asked.

"This is Skylar. Skylar, this is Calum and Michael." We nodded at each other. I saw Calum whisper something in Luke's ear. Probably something about how Luke was picking on me the other day.

We eventually stopped outside a pizza place. We walked in, and went behind the counter. "Can I have pepperoni?" Michael asked.

"Skylar, what would you like?" Calum asked.

"I wouldn't like any." I replied. Luke gave me a funny look.

"What. Are you anorexic or something?" Luke joked.

"Do I look anorexic?" I muttered, pointing to my waist. Luke shrugged. I eat like there's no tomorrow, I'm not anorexic. Luckily I was blessed with a fast metabolism, but I have to eat heaps to not become underweight. I definitely didn't eat in front of cute boys, which Calum, Michael, and Luke all were.

They all ordered themselves a pizza each. Such pigs. I mean of course I can and will eat two pizzas in one night, but not in public. We all sat at a table. "You sure you don't want any?" Michael asked.

"I'm sure." It went silent when the boys all started eating. It was sort of awkward.

Michael was the first to finish. "Sooo, Skylar." He began.


"What's with the accent?" He asked.

"Yeah, the cute American accent." Luke spoke right after finishing his pizza. I started to blush a little.

"I moved here from New York." I answered.

"Oh cool. Why'd you move?" Michael asked.

"Because my parents wanted to." I muttered.

"Ok. We're going now." Calum announced. We got up and went back into the car in the car park. I sat between Michael and Luke. Calum sat at the front behind the wheel. They turned on the radio and sang along to All Time Low. It was awkward for me since I didn't know any of the lyrics.

They all seemed to be good at singing. "So, Skylar, what kind of artists do you like?" Michael asked, putting his arm around me.

"Uhh... I like The 1975." I answered.

"Anyone else?"

"MCR sometimes, The Neighbourhood.... Halsey is my favorite. I think Ariana Grande's vocals are totally underrated."

Michael's cheeks immediately flushed red.

"A-Ariana Grande? Yeah she's cool." He stuttered.

"You alright?" I asked.

Luke leaned in close to my ear and whispered, "He's got a thing for Ariana Grande."

I laughed. "How cute." I grinned at Michael, who was still blushing.

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