Are You Mine?

Just your average cliche 'good girl meets bad boy' fanfiction. You can deny it, but deep down we all need a little bit of cliche fanfiction.
// So I started writing this on Wattpad but it didn't really get noticed because I'm just a little fish in a big Wattpad sea. I sort of feel like I actually matter on Movellas because I got 100K READS ON FFTE (my most popular ff) DJDJJWJRBF, so I'm going to post this here and see the reaction and if it does well, I might continue writing it :).


2. We're going a Calum hunt

Chapter 2

"Hey Skylar!" I heard behind me. I turned to see Ashton waving at me. I waved back.

"Where's Lateisha?" I asked as he got closer.

"Behind you." He said pointing. I turned around and saw Lateisha. She was staring at the ground as if she forgot that she existed.

"What is she doing?" I whispered.

"Daydreaming." He whispered back.

"About what?"

"You mean about who?" He said smiling. I laughed.

"Who does she like?" I asked still whispering.

"You'll have to ask her." He advised.

And just with that, I ran up to her and snapped her out of her daydream.

"Who do you like?!" I almost yelled.

Lateisha got a bit of a fright. "Shhh." She said putting a finger to her mouth. She grabbed me by the arm, and pulled us to a corner in the school with Ashton following us. "First of all, fuck you Ashton." Ashton giggled cheekily. "Ok, you have to PROMISE not to tell anyone if I tell you. Ok?" I gave her a quick nod. "Ok... I like Calum." She confessed.

"Who's that?" I asked.

"He's Luke's best friend."

"Great! So we can go on a double date!" I cheered. Lateisha rolled her eyes.

"What does he look like?" I questioned.

"Ok, how about this. When we are around Calum, I'll give you a signal."

"Sure. What's the signal?"

"Uhh... I'll elbow you."

"You'll what?" I said confused. She came to my side and jabbed her elbow into my arm.

"I'll do that." She clarified. My voice got extremely high from the pain.

"Ok, but please do it softer." I squeaked, rubbing my sore spot.

Ashton laughed. "Maybe we should go find him." He suggested. "You know, so Skylar knows what he looks like."

"Oh yeah! Lateisha, can we?" I said tugging on her sleeve.

"Ok fine." She sighed. We went off in search for Lateisha's crush.

"We're going on a bear hunt!" I chanted taking the lead with no idea where I was going.

"We're not scared!" Lateisha chanted back.

"Oh my god, you know that book?" I asked surprised.

"Yeah!" She said.

Finally the time came that Lateisha elbowed me. I looked around. "Do you see that guy talking to Luke?" She said pointing. Certainly enough, there was a black-haired boy with olive skin speaking to Luke. He was really cute. "Oooh!" I teased.

"Shut up." Lateisha mumbled with her teeth gritted. I placed my hand on her back and gave her a little shove towards Calum.

"Talk to him!" I joked.

"No!" She almost yelled, taking a step back to where she was standing before. Ashton and I laughed. Then that skank showed up... Cameron. She had her arm linked with some girl with light brown hair. Cameron tapped Luke's shoulder and un-linked her arm. Luke turned around and gave Cameron a sly smile.

She whispered something in his ear. They... started to make out. In the middle of the school hallway... just making out... right there... as if no one was watching. I wanted to walk up to them and split them apart. I wanted bitchslap Cameron so hard.

I realised Lateisha and Ashton were just staring at me, noticing that I was clenching my fists and glaring at Cameron. Ashton put his hand on my shoulder. "Never mind them." He said sympathetically. I sighed.

Two minutes later and Cameron was still attempting to swallow Luke. "Uhh... maybe we should go now." Lateisha suggested. I nodded my head, but still looked at them as I slowly walked away.


Finally. The moment I had been waiting for. I was sitting in class when the tall lanky boy strolled in. For a second I thought I wouldn't have any classes with Luke.

Despite the empty chair behind
the desk next to me, he found another desk to sit at. Ouch. I mentally groaned as some other boy sat next to me. If I didn't sit with Luke, I didn't sit with anyone at all. I almost asked him to leave but decided against it.

Luke scanned the students in the class. It was a focused look, almost as if he was plotting murder. I braced myself as his eyes got closer and closer to looking at me. My eyes darted towards my desk just before I had run out of time.

I waited four seconds before looking back up again. He had the same focused look, but his eyes were locked on me. Most people would've looked away quickly if they were caught staring, but not him. He confidently kept his gaze exactly were it was. He would've noticed me staring at him too so I took my eyes off of him.

The teacher barged in, interrupting any conversation that was being held. "Right class, sorry I'm late." She threw her laptop onto the desk in the front of the class and fumbled to get it open.

I looked back at Luke and he had stopped staring at me by then. I leaned back into the chair, my head almost hitting the wall behind me.

"Today..." The teacher began as she was slamming the keys of her laptop. "we're going to uhh..." She was too distracted by starting up her laptop to continue her sentence.

She eventually got on track with teaching the class. Of course I had no idea what was going on since I haven't been here for the whole term. It was something to do with geography since that's what this class was. The class went on for forty more minutes before we got to leave. I slipped my phone out of my purse and quickly sent Lateisha a text.




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